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Title: Commitment Chapter 12/12
Author: [info]mysteriousgal11
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: TaDaiki
Genre: Fluff
Summary: Arioka Daiki has been Takaki Yuya's secretary for almost a year. He prides to his self on keeping their relationship purely professional until a business trip to Hawaii proves to be for his undoing. The heat of the sun strokes the flames of passion, and Daiki can't resist his boss. But one night they got a shocking news, Arioka Daiki, a male, got pregnant.

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Chapter 12

Takaki had tried to appear calm and in control for Daiki’s sake but inside he was killing Okamoto for ruining Daiki’s life. The latter was even more vulnerable moment and seeing how distraught, terrified and hurt Daiki was, he’s also hurting more. He knows that he’s part of the hurt that Daiki’s experiencing and he wants to mend it.

He had not stood by Daiki when the latter came to him for help. He became angry instead, believing the very worst of the latter and although Daiki was grateful to him for rescuing them, he sensed that he had lost all faith in him in every aspect. He was almost afraid to touch Daiki, in case the latter brushed him away. Rejection was not something he could handle. The fact that whatever had been growing between them was gone, ruined by his own stupidity. He looked down on his hands, wondering how he could go on working with Daiki, having him live inhis house without ever being able to touch, kiss or made love to him. It was a fate too hard to contemplate, but first things first, he needed to sort out the gorilla who had been ruining Daiki’s life.

It didn’t take him long to discover who the man was and where he live, on Monday evening after work, after he had taken Daiki home and knew that the latter was safe, he drove to the man’s house.

A very fine house. Bought, decided Takaki, feeling renewed anger rise in him. The proceeds of that gorilla’s treatment of innocent people are this luxury. He rings the doorbell and waited. A woman answered the door, a girl with heavy makeup, wearing a low cut blouse and short tight black skirt.


“I’ve come to see Okamoto-san.”

“And who shall I say is calling?”

“Takaki. Takaki Yuya, and tell him I’m in a hurry.”

When she moved to shut the door, Takaki put his foot in the way. It had been a telling action, suggesting that he wasn’t the first caller who wants to see this man. Takaki’s eyes were hard when the loan shark finally appeared. He had taken so long that Takaki was on the verge of entering the house and seeking him out.

“Yes?” Okamoto already seemed defensive.


“That’s right, do I know you?”

“Not until this moment, but I think you’ll remember me for some time to come.”

The man frowned.

“Do you get a great deal of satisfaction from frightening defenseless people? Extracting money from them that they can’t afford? I’m talking about one person in particular, but it’s my guess that he’s not the only one you’re trying to fraud.”

The man’s eyes narrowed. “I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

“No? Does the name Arioka-san rings a bell?”

Takaki saw the flash of enlightenment in the man’s eyes before he blanked it off. “She’s on my books, yes.”

“And for how long has she been “on your books?”?”

“What are you getting at?” Okamoto asked with a sudden snarl. “And what’s it to do with you?”

“I am suggesting,” said Takaki loudly and firmly, ignoring Okamoto’s question, “that you’re illegally demanding money from her and her son. I’m suggesting that the loan has already been paid many times over. I have seen the original documents and I know how much you’va taken from them. I’d now like to see your books.”

This was Takaki on the warpath, Takaki in his handmade suit and expensive shoes, with an expression so hard it might have been carved out of stone, causing the other man to lose all his confidence.

“If you don’t comply, I shall not hesitate to go to the police.” He added not for one second allowing his eyes to drop from Okamoto.

“You’d better step in.” Okamoto’s eyes surveyed the place, checking to see whether anyone is watching.

Perhaps, thought Takaki, this was not the first time that Okamoto had some high client turning up on his doorstep.

Inside, the house as Takaki had guessed it might be filled with expensive furniture, clearly bought with the money of his clients. He made no comment, simply standing and waiting while the man went to find the necessary paperwork.

What Takaki saw, what he read, the figures that’s in the book makes him madder. He wanted to kill the man in front of him now. He wanted to make sure that this person will never do this to anyone again. The sum of money that Daiki and his mother had paid him over the years compared to the sum of the original loan, including interest went far beyond anything he had expected. Okamoto deserved to be behind the bars, but that was not the reason why he was here, he was here for Daiki’s sake, Daiki and his mother.

“I think you will agree,” Takaki said, his tone so cold and hard that it would scare anyone. “that their debt has been paid. Actually it has been paid many times over. But we will not go into that. Not now.” He eyed Okamoto threateningly, suggesting that if he did not do as he asked then he would be in a deeper trouble. “What I want you to do Okamoto-san is to tear up those documents right here in front of me and let’s have an end to this. Otherwise, as I said, I’ll get the police involved. This is completely a fraud.”

By thetime Takaki had finished speaking, Okamoto had begun to look very nervous. “It’s an unfortunate oversight on my part. I’ll give you the papers, you can do with them what you like.”

“How generous considering how much you’ve threatened out the Arioka’s.” said Takaki, his voice and tone got sarcasm on it that he wonder if Okamoto is afraid of him already. In front of Okamoto, he tore each piece of the contract into pieces before stuffing them in his own pocket.

“Goodbye Okamoto-san, I wish to never see you again.”

Once in his car, Takaki sank back into the seat, closing his eyes for a few seconds, letting his breath out. How he had kept his hands to himself, he didn’t know. Okamoto should be in jail, not living the high life on his proceeds from his illegal business. At least he had got Okamoto off Daiki and his mother. That was the main priority of his. They could live safely now, without fear of some money-lender knocking on their door.

Except he didn’t want them to leave, at least he didn’t want Daiki to leave. He had done the unthinkable things as well he fallen in love to Daiki. Despite the vows he had made himself, he had fallen in love!

Takaki knew that Daiki was loyal, trustworthy, kind and he was carrying their baby! Not that was the key factor, he would have love Daiki even though the latter is not pregnant. He had never met anyone like him, and he doubt he ever would again. The thing was, did he stand a chance with Daiki? Or had he ruined everything when he had turned down Daiki’s plea for help when he needed it most?

The house felt empty without Takaki. Daiki knew that he should be relieved that the latter gone out, but instead, he wandered from room to room not knowing what to do with himself. His mother was content to sit in her bedroom and watch television. She was used to smaller spaces, she said, and the size of the house overwhelmed her.

But Daiki couldn’t sit still. He paced up and down like an animal, and when Takaki finally returned, he wanted to run to the latter, wrap his hands around him and feels Takaki’s strength flow into him. He did none of this, he simply looked at Takaki and smiled weakly.

saaaaTakaki had gorgeous eyes but Daiki thought they looked tired at this moment and he wondered where Takaki had been, not that he dared ask. It was after all none of his business. It wasn’t work related, he knew that because he knew every schedule of Takaki when it comes t work matters.

“Have you eaten?” Daiki asked.

Takaki shook his head. “I’m not hungry Daiki. Come sit with me. Are you happy here?”

Daiki frowned, wondering why the odd question. “I’d obviously be happier at home,” he told Takaki. “But not under our present circumstances.”

His answer seemed to disappoint Takaki but it was the truth. Living with Takaki but not being with him, not making love with him, was hell. He wanted to cry because what they had once was gone. He couldn’t understand why Takaki had changed from attentive lover to someone who was almost a stranger. Takaki was polite and correct, and this wasn’t the Takaki he knew, the Takaki he had fallen in love with.

The next few days followed the same pattern, at the office it was pure business, and at home Takaki was kind and gentle, but nothing more. His mother still stayed in her room, believing she was doing the right thing leaving Daiki and Takaki together, and Daiki didn’t tell her what’s really going on.

So he was not entirely surprised by Takaki’s question one evening over dinner.
“Would you prefer to go home Daiki?”

“Is this a trick question?” Daiki asked with a frown. “You know I would but how can I?”

Takaki drew in a long breath and said quietly. “You have nothing to fear anymore.”

Daiki’s frowned more. “I don’t understand.”

“The whole issue of the loan has been sorted. Okamoto-san, your loan shark, won’t bother you anymore.”

Daiki felt his mouth fell open. “He won’t?” It was a stupid question, but what was he supposed to say? “How do you know?”

Takaki smiled grimly. “I went to see him. He already tore off the documents”

Daiki knew the money-lender wouldn’t have agreed as easily as Takaki was suggesting but hope began to rise in his heart. “How did you find him?” In all these years he had never known where Okamoto lived.

“Ways and means,” Takaki said “The point is that you and your mother are free from any debt. You have nothing more to fear.”

“Oh Yuya…” Instinctively Daiki rose and rushed around the table, throwing his arms around Takaki. “Thank you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are a wonderful man, Yuya. Thank you again.” And before he could stop himself he was already kissing Takaki.

But it as a short kiss, Takaki gently put Daiki down. “I think you should tell this to your mother.”

“I will, I will in a minute. She’ll be relieved as much as I am. I can’t thank you enough Yuya. This is a dream come true, we can go home now and get out of your hair. Of course, once the baby’s born, I’ll always let you see him.” Daiki missed the pain that decorated his cute face. “And you can come with me for the scans, I don’t want to deny you any part of our child’s life.”

Realizing that he had been talking too quickly and not taking notice of Takaki’s reaction, Daiki pulled away and then he saw the hurt in Takaki’s eyes. “I’m sorry. I’m getting carried away, aren’t I?”

“I don’t want to just come for scans Daiki. I want to be with you every step of the way. I have to confess that being a father scares the hell out of me, but what scare me more is the thought of losing you. I love you, I love both you and our unborn child.”

Daiki could hear the words but he wondered whether he was imagining them. Whether he was hearing what he wanted to hear and not actually what Takaki’s saying.

“You love me?” Daiki asked, knowing that he must sound stupid, but this had come out of the blue.

“With my whole life.”


“But nothing, Daiki. It’s true. You’ve bewitched me, you’ve changed me. I doubted myself for a while, but now more than anything, I want you by my side always. I want this child and I want more children with you. I know I’m jumping with how things are, but…”

Daiki closed his eyes, hardly listening to Takaki now, he let himself breath and think. He found it hard to believe that this was happening. Takaki love him, Takaki love him unconditionally. Howw magical was that?

And then Takaki kissed him and the magic continued. And when they went upstairs to tell his mother that a wedding was in their minds, his mother said that she had known all along that it would happen.

“It was just a matter of time.” His mother said smiling.

Two years later, Daiki and Yuya were out walking in the park pushing their twins’ pushchair alongside with the nannies. They are discussing what name they should give to the baby they’re expecting in three months time. It was going to be a girl, a little sister to Ryutaro and Ryosuke. The twins who had come as a shock to both of them, had been named by Takaki’s mother.

“I think,” Takaki said “that it’s only fair that your mother named our child”

His mother would be happy that they’re going to choose what she suggested, thought Daiki. His mother had moved back into their little house, finding Takaki’s mansion far too intimidating, and she was truly happy for the first time in her life. Even her health seemed to improved.

“She wants to name our child Yuri” said Daiki.

“Then Yuri it will be,” Takaki said. “She’ll be like a beautiful lily, the same as her “mother”. I love you Takaki Daiki, very very very much. I never thought I’d be this happy again.”

“I love you too Takaki Yuya. You’re my hero, do you know that? You rescued me from my miserable life when I thought there was never going to be any escape. I shall love you to the end of my days.”

“And I shall love you, my adorable Daiki…until the end of time.”


A/N FINALLY!!! Finished already ^__^ Sorry for the lateness though~ I’m not feeling that well~ Thank you for all who read this~ /bows

So, do I need to make an epilogue? Or sequel? Hee hee~

Alsoooo~ Takaki went to Philippines after Johnny's World. Wow, I didn't know that~ but Cebu is far from Manila, so yeah, Manila based fangirls can't stalk him, though there's a lot of fangirls in the province also.

He boarded the Cebu - Tokyo plane. He maybe went to have a vacation here because it's still kinda cold in Japan so he went here~
Takaki's not noticeable though because he's tan and that's normal when you're a Filipino.

I wonder who Takaki is with when he went here?~ Hmmmm~ Daiki maybe? XDD

Hey!Say!JUMP is sneaky! First Keito! He went here last year and he's in..... himitsu. XD
And now! Takaki! who's nextttttt? I want to see Yuto riding the jeepney XD

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