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Title: Committed [Chapter 1/?]
Author: [info]mysteriousgal11
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: TaDaiki and YamaChii
Genre: Fluff and Angst
Summary: Takaki Yuya and Arioka Daiki is ready to face their future together, but before that, Takaki needs to let go of his pains and let Daiki fill his pains with love. Their struggles as a parent, son, friend and lovers will be tested. But one thing is for sure, Takaki won't let go of Daiki, he choose to trust Daiki and he'll stuck with this decision forever. [A sequel to Commitment]

Chapter 1

“Yuya, this is nerve-wrecking” Daiki’s currently sitting beside his fiancée, inside the luxurious car. They’re on their way to Takaki’s hometown to visit the latter’s mother. They just got officially together and his fiancée decided that he should meet his mother.

Takaki hold Daiki’s hand tightly and smile. These past days, Takaki learned to show his sincere smile more often. A smile that no one can expect to the perfect businessman named Takaki Yuya.
“Don’t worry. I know that she’ll like you. What’s unlike-able to you?”

Daiki focused his attention on their hands. “I’m a man.”

“A man who can never be compared to any woman I know. A special man who made me trust love again, who made me a better person, who made me complete, the one who figured out the puzzle in me, the mother of my unborn child and lastly you’re the man who made this Takaki Yuya fall in love again.”

Every word is like aphrodisiac in the body of Daiki. The once cold hearted person, his boss, he transformed the latter into this warm hearted and loving person. Tears ran down from his eyes, wetting his chubby cheeks. This didn’t pass Takaki’s eyes, the latter wiped away his tears and leaned his forehead into his.

“Why are you crying my adorable Daiki?”

“I-I just didn’t expect you reciprocate my feelings… All this time that we’re together, I thought my love for you will remain one-sided. I thought you’re staying with me because of pity and also because of the baby. Honestly, thinking about that makes me wonder if this is just a dream because if it is, I don’t want to wake up anymore.”

Takaki leaned down to peck Daiki’s lips. “I’m the one who supposed to say that, it feels like I’m also dreaming, you in my arms is the best thing for me. If this is a dream, we should just let it because at least we’re dreaming together.”

Daiki giggles made Takaki to smile more and pull the latter completely in his arms. Daiki, loving the warmth that the latter’s giving to him, just snuggled and he drifts to his own dreamland.

When Daiki woke up, he’s already in a comfortable bed, a warm blanket covering his delicate body. He looked around and noticed that he’s in a room, not that big unlike the 5 star rooms in Takaki’s mansion. The door opened and Takaki entered the room, carrying a tray of food.

Takaki settled the tray on the table beside the bed and then sat beside Daiki. “You’re already awake.”

“Where are we?” Daiki’s trying to familiarize the room but he failed.

“This is my room.”

“Room? As far as I know your room is like a suite.” Is he dreaming that Takaki is wealthy?

Takaki chuckled at his fiancée’s cute reactions. “This is my room when I was still a teenager. We’re already arrived at my parent’s house three hours ago, and I don’t have the heart to wake you up, sleeping beauty.”

“Eh?  We arrived but you didn’t wake me up? What will your mother tell about me? I should greet her!” Daiki’s panicking, for him first impression last and Takaki’s mother saw him sleeping the first time they met.

 “You shouldn’t worry. My mother is the one who asked me to let you sleep.” Takaki caressed Daiki’s cheeks to calm him down. “We’ll meet her later but for now, eat this first.”

Daiki just followed what Takaki asked him to do and they stayed there for a while before coming down to meet Takaki’s mother.

“It’s nice to finally meet you.” Yuna, Takaki’s mother greeted him the moment they arrived at the living room. Daiki’s face showed confusion and Yuna giggles at the cuteness being shown to her. “Yuya always tell me things about you.” She looked at Takaki knowingly. “He said that you’re a man that people should cherish. I told him he’s in love but that baka said he’s not. But mother’s always right~ He fell in love with you.” Yuna grinned.

“Moooommmmm~” Takaki whined and this makes Daiki shocked. The prim and proper boss of his, is whining to his mother.

“Yuya, stop acting like a kid, you’re an adult now and look at Dai-chan’s reaction.” Yuna looked at Daiki. “I can call you Dai-chan?” Daiki just nodded.

And they spend the whole weekend discussing about Takaki, the baby and the wedding.

“Can you still work for me?” Takaki asked. They’re inside the car, on their way to the office.

Daiki smiled. “Of course Takaki-sama, I know you can’t live without me.”

Takaki chuckles heartily. “Are you being full of yourself Arioka-kun?”


“We’ll see later if you can still act like that~”


Takaki ignored Daiki and planned things properly in his head.

The moment they arrived at the office, they went immediately to work, but when Takaki saw a man approaching his Daiki, he gathered all his employees. He pulled Daiki beside him, holding his waist tightly. Daiki’s head can’t process what’s happening until…

“I, Takaki Yuya, would like to introduce to all of you my fiancée, Arioka Daiki. I expect all of you to treat him the way you treat me. Do you all understand?” Takaki announced. All the employees there got the same flabbergasted expression like Daiki but they quickly recovered and congratulated the couple.

Takaki whispers to Daiki. “I told you.” He pulled Daiki inside the office.

“Yuya, why did you do that?” The confusion visible in Daiki’s beautiful face.

“I just want them to know that you’re mine.”

“Why so possessive suddenly?” Daiki sat at the chair in front of Takaki’s table.

“Since you decided to wear these stylish clothes, I noticed that others began to look interested to you, and I can’t allow that.” Takaki sat across Daiki’s.

Daiki decided that he should change himself for the better so that Takaki’s name won’t be tainted by him. He started with his clothes today. He wears fashionable clothes that he doesn’t usually wear. All of these are gifts from Takaki.  This makes Takaki happy to see the Daiki he fell in love with. The Daiki that’s not afraid to show himself anymore.  But the looks of the people when they entered the building irks him. Because their relationship is hidden, others are allowed to look and talk freely to his Daiki. He can feel the jealousy seeping in his skin that’s why when he saw a man made way to talk to Daiki, he immediately call for an announcement.

“And you’re the only one allowed to look at me like that?” blush is currently covering Daiki’s face.

“Yes, because you’re my boyfriend, my lover, my fiancée, soon to be mother of my child and lastly because you’re mine.” Takaki declared possessively.

Daiki loves the possessiveness of Takaki. He can feel the latter’s love for it. At least this time, he’s assured that Takaki does not pity him, but rather the latter love’s him with all his heart. He’s the luckiest man alive.

Takaki is leaning down to kiss him when they’re interrupted by a knock on the door. Takaki pouted while Daiki blinked at this side of his fiancée. All this discoveries makes him closer to Takaki, and he’s willing to stay forever just to see all the hidden side of the person he loves.

“Come in.” Takaki said in a calm voice.

“Takaki-sama, someone here wants to meet you.” The employee told Takaki.

“Who may that be? As far as I’m concern I don’t have any schedule to meet someone today.” Takaki looked at Daiki waiting for the confirmation and the latter nodded to him.

“Her name is Chinen Yuri.”

The person that Takaki despise the most wants to meet him. The reaction in Takaki’s face shows anger and hatred. Seeing this, Daiki placed his hand on top of Takaki, trying to calm him down.

“Tell her, I don’t want to meet her.” Takaki said in strained voice.

“Hai, Takaki-sama.” The employee bowed and made his way out.

When Daiki saw that she’s out, he immediately pulls Takaki in his embrace. He can feel Takaki’s emotion and it saddened him that until now Takaki’s ex-wife still got effects to the latter. Does Takaki still love her? Daiki thought.

A ruckus was heard outside the office and the door of the office swung wide open and a little beautiful girl entered.

“Yuya! Please, let me talk. I really need help, please…” Yuri stopped her sentence when she saw the scene inside the office.

Yuya pulled away from Daiki’s hug and looked at Yuri, readying himself to shout and spat unimaginable words to his ex-wife when Daiki’s reaction made him stop.

“Chii is that you?” Daiki asked with his face full of unexplainable emotion.

“Dai-chan, what are you doing here?” Yuri smiled seeing the person that she missed the most, her best friend at the same time cousin.

“I’m working here…” realization hit Daiki. Does it mean the person that Takaki hates the most is no other than his gentle cousin? How can it be? He focused his attention to Takaki.

“Daiki, do you know her?” Takaki’s voice filled with accusations.

“S-she’s my missing cousin…” Daiki answered full of fear.

Takaki’s unpainted face makes Daiki shiver. “Chinen, I don’t want to meet you, get out of my office! I need to talk to my fiancée.”

“But Yuya..I need..” Yuri hurriedly replied.

“OUT NOW!!”  Takaki looked fiercely at Yuri’s direction and having no choice she turns around but she looked at her cousin first.

“I’m happy to meet you again Dai-chan” she gave Daiki a smile.

Daiki just nod, his eyes gesturing at his table outside as if telling Yuri to get his calling card. Yuri replied his stare with a simple nod and went out, closing the door.

“WHAT’S THIS DAIKI?! WHAT IS THIS?” Takaki shouted right in front of Daiki.

“I don’t know anything. I didn’t know that your ex-wife is my gentle cousin.” Daiki doesn’t like this. There’s a tone of accusation in Takaki’s question.

“Gentle? How can that bitch be gentle?!”

“She’s my cousin, don’t talk to her like that!”

“THAT COUSIN OF YOURS FOOLED ME!” Takaki’s temper is now at peak, seeing Yuri’s face makes him so mad.

“Can you please calm down and let me explain?” Daiki pleaded. He doesn’t want to ruin his relationship to Takaki.

Takaki look through the eyes of Daiki as if he’s reading the soul of the latter. Seeing the sincerity, he nodded and sat down. Daiki sat in front of him, entwining their hands. He didn’t reject it because somehow this makes him calmer.

“ Chii, he’s been missing for four years already. She’s Aunt Keiko’s daughter. We tried everything to find her but we failed. She just disappeared like thin air. She said she’s just going to the university for her thesis but she never returned. I love her so much, she’s my best friend. The only person that I can trust after my mother. Her disappearance makes a high impact in me, higher than the lost of my father.” Daiki gave a small peck on Takaki’s lips. “I didn’t know that she’s your ex-wife. There’s so many Yuri in this world and my cousin doesn’t fit the image of your ex-wife. This really gave me a big shock.”

Takaki knows that Daiki is telling the truth and before Daiki can continue what he’s saying, he captured Daiki’s lips into his and savors the taste of his fiancée. When he pulled out, he can see the loving smile of Daiki, and like a magic he completely forget that Yuri is there earlier.

“Do you trust me?” Daiki asked.

Takaki smiled and let Daiki stay in his arms. “I do my adorable Daiki.”

“Thank you.” Daiki leaned for Takaki’s protection. “Yuya, can I meet her?”

“Why?” Takaki’s cold voice returned.

Daiki holds on to Takaki’s hand tightly. “I want to know everything, why she never returned. I want to know why she did that to you. I want to know what she needs from you now.”

Takaki sighed, understanding the point of Daiki. “Okay.”


“But not without me. You’ll talk to her but I’ll come with you.” Takaki said.

“I understand.” Daiki snuggled.

“Sorry for acting like that earlier Daiki.” The tone in Takaki’s voice mellow.

“No worries, our baby still like you.” Daiki chuckles.

A/N: Sequelll~ What to expect in here? Fluff and Angst~ :3 I’m not good with fluff x3x but I’ll try my best! Yay~ So if you’re confused, the sequel is still before Daiki gave birth to their twins~
Fics dump this weekendddd~ Actually it's supposed to be today, I just got lazy~
I don’t have anything to say anymore TT.TT Please stick with me >O< Awigachu~

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I've been wishing for the sequel every since you posted the epilogue for Commitment. I'm glad you did work on a sequel! ;A; ♥

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I'm too happy to even post a proper comment OTL I'm sorry :c But I'm happy Commitment has a sequel! ♥ I will always wait for updates. ^_^b

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I hope he won't be a big hindrance for TaDaiki!!

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Hmmm~ she'll not be a hindrance~

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Dark Rei works for YamaChii yo ^^

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