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Title: Committed [Chapter 1/?]
Author: [info]mysteriousgal11
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: TaDaiki and YamaChii
Genre: Fluff and Angst
Summary: Takaki Yuya and Arioka Daiki is ready to face their future together, but before that, Takaki needs to let go of his pains and let Daiki fill his pains with love. Their struggles as a parent, son, friend and lovers will be tested. But one thing is for sure, Takaki won't let go of Daiki, he choose to trust Daiki and he'll stuck with this decision forever. [A sequel to Commitment]

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

“I miss you Dai-chan.” Yuri said as she hugged his older cousin. All this time, she treats Daiki as her own brother because both of them are only child of their parents. She knows everything about Daiki’s difficulties as a child and she’s always there to support the older one.

 Daiki is feeling the same with Yuri and he buried his face on the neck of his younger cousin. “I miss you too Yuri, so much.” He started to sobbed as he clings to Yuri more. The latter patted his back and let him sit in his chair.

Takaki don’t have any heart to stop the drama that’s going on with the two but he needs to because he doesn’t want to see his ex-wife anymore. He just wants to stay inside the house with Daiki as they snuggled to each other.  “What do you need from me Yuri?” he interrupted the two.

Yuri pulled away from her hold to Daiki at looked down, shy.

“Are you just going to look down and not say anything? Because if that’s the case, me and my fiancée are going now.” He stood up holding Daiki’s one hand. Daiki looked at him sadly and he sighed. He sits again and stared at Yuri’s face. All the glamour has disappeared. The Yuri that he knows vanished from the Yuri that’s sitting in front of them. The Yuri in front of them is just a plain one, not wearing any jewelries or what, just the plain Yuri, but he can’t deny that the latter is still beautiful. He doesn’t really want to meet his ex-wife but he knows how Daiki longed for his cousin and he promised Daiki that he’ll go with him when he’ll meet Yuri. Unfortunately from his side, the moment the two of them returned home, Daiki’s phone rang and it’s a call from Yuri. Daiki told him that Yuri wants to meet them and they set the meeting the next day and now that’s the reason why he’s in front of Yuri in the restaurant.

“I-I need money…” Yuri said with shame her voice.

Daiki witnessing this gave a great impact in him. Is this how he looks like when he asked money from Takaki? The shame that’s visible in the face. Wait? Why is Yuri even asking money from his lover.

“Are you a bitch? You leaved me and now you’re asking me for money?” Takaki’s mad and he didn’t even mind to cuss even though he knows that Yuri is Daiki’s cousin.

Daiki slapped Takaki’s lap, showing him that he’s not happy with what he said to Yuri. “Yuya!”

“I’m just stating the fact Daiki, don’t be fooled by her actions!” Takaki gritted his teeth, wanting to hurt the girl in front of them.

Daiki looked at Takaki with hate in his eyes and this is a sign for Takaki to behave. “Sorry” He said, but obviously he didn’t mean it.

Daiki hold the hand of his cousin and Yuri looks at him with tears in her beautiful eyes. “Tell me Yuri, why do you need money?”

Yuri’s lips are trembling and the pain and fear is visible in her face. “M-my son, he’s in the hospital. My h-husband is also looking f-for help but we can’t find anyone to h-help us…” Daiki hugged his cousin. His baby is still inside him but he knows what it feels to care for his unborn child, he wants to protect it and Yuri is doing it for her child also.

“What wrong with your child Yuri?” Daiki asked softly, caring also for the welfare of his nephew.

“B-Brain T-tumor… he needs an operation a-a soon as possible and… we don’t have any money left…” Yuri cries and Daiki hushes her. Yuri’s cries are heart breaking, not once did Yuri cried in front of him. His cousin is strong ever since then, she acts like she’s older than Daiki. This time he wants to be the one to care for Yuri, the person who’s always been there when he’s breaking. He looks at Takaki and gave him a pleading look and it was replied by a questionable look from his lover.
“Can we talk” he whispered to Takaki’s ears. The latter nodded and they excused themselves from Yuri, Yuri nodded and looked down. She doesn’t want to look at his ex-husband yet.

When they’re at the corner, Daiki tugged Takaki’s sleeves and looked at the latter while showing his puppy eyes. An emotion he just used if it’s really needed. “Can we help Yuri?” he asked.

“Why?” I cold reply from Takaki.

“Because it’s needed. She’s my beloved cousin Yuya.” Daiki looked at Yuri’s direction.

“I don’t want. He’s a bitch Daiki! She fooled me before! What if she’s fooling both of us?”  Takaki counter attacked.

“She’s not! I’m sure.”

“How can you be sure? You don’t know here!” Takaki raised his voice.

Daiki got quite mad at this. He really doesn’t want to argue with Takaki but his cousin needs him. “Just to remind you, she’s my cousin and I’ve been with her even before I met you so if you don’t want to help her then I will.”

Takaki reads Daiki’s expression and he knows that his fiancée’s seriously about this. “So if I asked you choose, is it her or me?”

This gave Daiki a stunned look, he didn’t reply and just stayed silent. He’s biting his lips, torturing it. “Yuya, please don’t make me choose.”

“I’m sorry.” Takaki gave him a comforting touch in the shoulder and his tense disappeared. “Okay, I’m going to help her but we should first verify if what she said is true.”

“What do you mean?”

“We need to visit her son and if it’s really true, I’ll do everything to help them. Is that okay?” Takaki can’t really deny any request from his fiancée, he wants the latter to be happy.

“Thank you Yuya!” Daiki gave Takaki a big and powerful hug. Takaki returned it, smiling too.

“Anything for you my adorable Daiki.”

When they come back to their table, Yuri is still there, not really moving, she didn’t even eat her food.  Daiki hold her hands tightly and looked at his cousins eyes deeply. “We’re going to help you Yuri, but first we need to see my nephew.” He said this is somewhat excited manner, he’s excited to meet his nephew.

“Dai-chan, I..T-Thank you so much…i-it’s fine. I’ll bring the two of you to h-him…” Yuri’s eyes are full of tears, he’s really thankful to his cousin. If Daiki is probably not here, Takaki will not help her and she’ll be lost again, looking for help.

“Thank Yuya, he’s the one who’s going to help you, you know.” Daiki said and Yuri looked this time to her ex-husband. “Thank you Yuya.” She said in a small but audible voice.

“I’m not doing this for you, I’m doing this for Daiki and your child.” Takaki is somehow moved with the way Yuri looked at her, the sincerity is there.

“I know…but still Thank you.” Yuri smiled, the smile that Takaki first loved, but somehow it doesn’t have any effects to him now. Maybe because Daiki’s smiles got more effects that his ex-wife.

They went inside Takaki’s car, the one that will bring them to the hospital where Yuri’s son is confined. Daiki is beside Yuri, hugging the latter protectively. He always does this when they’re still younger. Takaki is not even reacting, Daiki thinks that maybe Takaki gave them time to reconcile.

“Yuri, can I ask a question?” There’s a question inside Daiki’s head that’s been bothering him ever since he met Yuri.

“What is it?” Yuri asked in a chirpily voice.

“Why did you leave us?” This question silenced Yuri, she frowned and she looked outside the window as if she’s recalling a past.

Yuri started speaking. “I really don’t want to leave Dai-chan. I’m happy with our family and you know that. One day when mother leave me at your house to take care of you and your mother, I didn’t expect something bad will happened to me.” Daiki listened but somehow his face showing an anger look.

“When you and your mother went out that time to go shopping, your father unexpectedly went home, drunk…” Yuri is preventing her tears to come out as she recalls her not so happy memories.

“He’s asking where the two of you are. Of course I didn’t tell because I know he’ll hit the two of you. But when I kept denying everything, he hit me hard…He pushed on the floor...H-He raped me…” Yuri said, tears flowing from his beautiful eyes. Daiki on the other hand, hugged Yuri suddenly, trapping his cousin into his warm embrace.

“I-I’m so sorry Yuri..I…sorry…” Daiki’s crying too, he’s angry, too angry. How can his father do this? His father is heartless! He deserved where he is now.

Takaki is looking at them with unreadable expression. He didn’t know that happened to his ex-wife. The Yuri he knows is someone who’s hungry for wealth and parties. He’s cursing Daiki’s father inside his mind, that man is so worthless, if he only met him, he’s sure that he’ll probably killing that guy now.

“T-Then, I can’t face all of you…I-I’m a shame. I leave, ran away…I started hanging out in clubs, wanting to forget my pass…that’s until I met Yu…Takaki…” Yuri continued as she dried her tears, looking to both Daiki and Takaki. “I saw him looking at me with interest in his eyes. I know that he’s the type of guy that prefers one night stand. I’m out of money for my university and daily needs and he’s there. I agree in everything, then he asked me if we could date sometimes, I agreed.”  Daiki looked at his fiancée, his face still calm. “We dated for more than a year, I thought I love him because he’s always there. He proposed and I accept it.” She looked at her finger, remembering the times that her glamorous wedding ring is rested there. “We married and our relationship is stable, until one night when I was partying I saw someone that makes my heart beats fast for the first time. I realized that I like that guy and I know it’s a sin but I can’t stop it. We had an affair even if I’m married already and then I got pregnant. When I told it to him, he said he doesn’t want it and that’s when I think to let Takaki become the father. One day Takaki talked to me, I can’t hide the truth from him, so I told it and then I was left alone. Pregnant with nobody, but the father of my child he went to me, asking me to give him a chance. I love him so I gave him a chance that changes our life. We started from the scratch. He left his family because they don’t like me. He threw all the luxuries and he began looking for work. We have a very stable life, until I learned that my son is terribly sick. Our money is enough to feed all of us a day but the treatment, we don’t know, that’s why we started to look for help. His family refused to help us and that’s when I thought of Takaki. I’m willing to be a slave just for my baby.” His eyes focused to Takaki’s direction. “Takaki, I’m really sorry. I hope you can forgive me one day.”

Hearing all of this, Takaki don’t know how to react but as he can see Daiki’s pitying look to his cousin, he knows that forgiveness to  Yuri will make the latter’s happy. He holds Daiki’s hands and smiled to Yuri.

“Why do we need to wait one day if I can forgive you now?” Daiki face lit up. Just as he thought, this will make Daiki happy. “I forgive you Yuri, after all I want to move on with my life. My life with Daiki and our baby.”

Yuri’s face shows happiness, as if all the burdens in her disappeared. “Thank you Takaki! Thank you so much!” She bowed.

“Mouuu~ Yuri don’t do that. Yuya is sincere you know.” Daiki patted his cousin’s head and it was returned by a glomped from Yuri.

“You’re pregnant Dai-chan?”

“Yes” blushed covered Daiki’s face. Takaki chuckled at this reaction of Daiki, one of his favorites.

“Omedetou, I’m happy for the two of you.”

“Arigatou” Daiki and Takaki said at the same time.

Their car stopped at the hospital entrance and they went out to walk to the room where Yuri’s son is confined.

“By the way Yuri, who’s your husband now?” Daiki asked in curiosity, he knows his fiancée is curious about it too.

Chinen stopped his track and looked at them, “Oh, that…” A call from their back caught their attention.

“Yuri, Honey, Yukki is…” that person didn’t continue his words as he stared at the person Yuri brought. “Yuya”


A/N: Yayyyyyyyy~ An update XDD So now, everything is revealed. Sweet Yuya, he’ll do everything for his Daiki. And who’s Yamada in Takaki’s life? You’ll know it soon~ hee hee

Unbeta-ed, forgive my grammatical errors and such.

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u updateeee...
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Though this is a rushed update~ hee hee

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I can;t imagine yamada being not responsible and running away from yuriii

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I wonder who is Yamada in Takaki's life :O

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Daichan's father is worthless indeed DX
I hate him :'(
poor Yuri :'(

Aaaaaa~ Yamada is Yuri's husband... XD

I can't wait for the next chap...
please update it soon.^^

Thanks for the fic.

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Pls kill me. Super late to read this. Hmmmmmm maybe yuya and ryo had a past too. Me and my crazy brain sorry...


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