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Title: Trapped Inside Our Heart [Chapter 1/?]
Author: [info]mysteriousgal11
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: TaDaiki and YabuNoo/InooBu and a little bit OkaJima
Genre: Fluff and Suspense
Summary: Takaki Yuya and Yabu Kota are the brain and head of the biggest mafia in the world, the Syndicate. Every crimes of them either lead to death or unsolved cases. The FBI sent Inoo and Daiki to Japan to stop the threatening terrorist attack of the Syndicates. But Takaki and Yabu prepared a trap for them, will Inoo and Daiki fall for it? Or the planner will fall for their own trap?
Requested By: [ profile] alois_trancy

Chapter 1

In the world of lies, there lives a very powerful gang known as the Syndicate. They’re not just an ordinary gang, they’re mafias, and they live in the underground world, reigning there. They expand all over the world, creating criminal acts, unforgivable one, but they are never catch by anyone. They’re being lead by Takaki Yuya, 23 years old, too young to be a mafia. He got a cool look, an eye catcher and he’s intelligent more than he appears to. Maybe that’s why he’s the leader, his brain and his skills in killing and crimes make him the best.  His right hand or rather subordinate is Yabu Kota, slightly older by him for months. The latter is also intelligent but his skills are more to computers and gun fighting, unlike Takaki who’s good in everything. With them together, no one can stop the crimes that they’re doing and because of that, they’re at the top spot of Most Wanted People in the world in Federal Bureau of Investigation, in short FBI.

“Inoo and Arioka are here too report sir!” Both of them said as they saluted to the head of the whole FBI department.  Their head, Okamoto Keito saluted back and Inoo closed the door of their boss’ room.

“I’m still not used with that kind of greeting from the two of you Inoo-chan and Dai-chan” Keito pouted.

Okamoto Keito, 21 years old, a genius and recently appointed as the head of FBI. Like Takaki , he may look incapable of things, but deep inside his head there’s a weapon hiding.

Inoo and Daiki chuckled at their friend’s reaction. “You’re our boss, have you forgotten, Keito?~” Daiki teased and this gained them an adorable pout from their boss.

“We should stop talking because we got works to finished” Keito turned serious and the other two did. “I’ve got another report from Japan that there’s been an alleged terrorist attack that will happen next month and I will assign the two of you for that.” Keito handed them the files. “Apparently, it’s not an ordinary one because there’s been sighting of Takaki and Yabu arriving from a private plane in Japan.”

“So the Syndicates?” Inoo asked as he browsed the files.

Keito nodded. “This may be a dangerous mission for the two of you, but can the two of you handle this?”

“Of course Keiti, trust our skills. I’m sure we can handle this.” Daiki said confidently while pumping high in the air.

“I trust you guys, it’s just Takaki and Yabu that I don’t trust.” Keito pointed to the top wanted list posted in his office.  “Yutorin is already there investigating, I’ll follow soon as your back up.” He added.

Inoo grinned to his friend. “Wow, the boss as our backup that’s rare. Or is it because your old partner, Oh, I mean boyfriend, is the one out there in Japan.” Daiki giggled at this.

“Mou, shut up Inoo-chan. Now the two of you prepare for this mission, use every gadget available and I hope for the safety of the two of you. You guys are the best detectives.” Keito shooed his friends as he felt embarrassed that the two of them figured out his purpose as a backup.

“Okay sir! Inoo and Arioka will go now! Thank you sir.” They saluted again and when that’s when Keito hugged both of them “Return okay?” “Of course we will Baka.” They chuckled as they went out to prepare the things they’re needed.

Inoo Kei, top agent/detective of FBI, trained since he was 13 years old. He handled his every case flawlessly, every job of him is a success. Together with his partner, Arioka Daiki, 21 years old, younger than Kei for two years, they ace in their job. Although Arioka is new in FBI, he’s also trained hard and became capable partner for FBI’s no. 1 agent.

Now their mission is to stop the terrorist attack that’s threatening to happen in Japan, and to stop that, they need to face and struggle with Takaki and Yabu’s manipulative hands.

“Here, the files, the FBI assigned to stop us.” Yabu passed the papers to Takaki. The latter browsed it and his interest was catch by a new looking guy. Yabu noticed it, “He’s a new one, never been assigned to us but I heard he’s the second best and his partner is Inoo.”

“So FBI is sending their best agents to stop us Kota?” Takaki got a playful smirk in his face.

Yabu, knowing what’s playing in his best friend’s mind stands up from his seat, “I’ll prepare it.”

Takaki eyed the files carefully. “This is going to be fun.”

A/N: Any questions? XDD I’m bad with this kind of thingsssss~ but still I’ll ransacked my mind for ideas hee hee~ This is just a short chaptered fics. My first short chaptered fic. I'll try next time for it to be longer I promiseee~

Unbeta-ed :3
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