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Title: You're Worth Everything [One Shot]
Author: [info]mysteriousgal11
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: OkaJima
Genre: Fluff
Summary: Nakajima Yuto a younger banker happened to pass by to a brothel. He enter the place thinking that it's a restaurant. In here he meets a prostitute that will make satisfy his needs in life.

You’re Worth Everything

It’s been a hard day for Nakajima Yuto. He needs to update lots of their clients as well as patriots of their bank. Being one of the high rank bankers is a tough work especially if he’s just new with how things work. He packed his suitcase and closes his table’s light. Glancing around, he just noticed that he’s the only person left in their office. He looks at his watch and gave a deep sigh as it showed how late it is already, he rushes out of the office as he remembers that the last train trip will arrive in an hour.

Looking around at the lively night on his way slightly makes him frown. He misses his teenage life, the life where all he does is party and play with his partners. He only became a banker because his parents persuade him, if he’s not a banker now he may be a hot model or artist. He shakes his head, it’s not the right time to think about this kind of things.

He decided to take the shortcut route to the train station, it looks like a creepy place but still, this is one of the best routes if he wants to arrive on time. He walks in a medium pace and somehow he passes by an old building with an enormous light illuminating its dull interior. He slightly got curious as he saw old men entering the place.

“Is this a restaurant?” Yuto asked himself and then suddenly he heard his stomach growls. “I better check this place, there’s still lot of time and the station is already near.” He smiled and then entered the place.

“Irrashaimase Goshujinsama” A pretty pale person welcomed him on the counter.

‘Is this person a she or a he?’ Yuto stared deeply at the person in front of him trying to figure out in his intelligent mind if that’s a guy or girl.

That person giggled at Yuto’s stare. “If you’re wondering about my gender, I’m a guy Goshujinsama.”

Yuto blushed at the response he got. It’s embarrassing enough for him that he can’t figure out the gender of this person. “Uhmm… sorry.”

“Daijoubu Goshujinsama, I’m used to it. Oh, by the way, I’m Inoo Kei what can I do for you?” Inoo smiled sweetly to the customer in front of him.

“I’m just wondering what this place is?” Yuto scratched the back of his neck.

Inoo gave him a brochure, “This place is a brothel, we offer the best male prostitute that can satisfy your every need* he then winked to Yuto.
Yuto can’t look properly to Inoo’s direction because he’s getting attracted to the pretty guy. Completely forgetting about his hunger and deciding it’s time to reward himself, he looks at the brochure surveying its contents. “C…can you recommend someone for me?”

“Follow me~” Inoo instructed and he walks to a long hallway. Yuto followed as he takes note of every detail the place have. Inoo stopped at a big lcd tv and smiled. “We got various workers here and every one of them got their own ways on how to pleasure their customers.” Inoo showed various photo to Yuto. Yuto is looking at the different face of the workers when a guy took his attention. “Can you please return it to the previous one?” Inoo did what Yuto wants. Yuto looked carefully at the guy, loving the features of him.

“He’s Okamoto Keito our best prostitute. He cost a lot but I guarantee you that he’s pleasurable.”

Yuto stares a bit more to Keito’s picture and looks to Inoo with a determined look. “I want him.”

Inoo grins, “Then it cost 100,000 yen for a whole night with him.”

Without further ado, Yuto opened his suitcase and placed the money on Inoo’s hand. ‘Being a banker got advantages too!’

“You’re one heck of a wealthy man.” Inoo ushered Yuto to the waiting room. “Stay there, we’ll call you once he’s ready. You can get the things you want to use in here, just pay at the counter.” Inoo then leaves him.

‘I wonder if I did the right thing.’ Yuto looked at his watch and frowned as he remembered the train. “Well, too late to turn back.” Yuto took some lube and condoms, plus some sex toys that he can use. He pays for it and patiently waits.

Inoo entered the room. “He is ready Goshujinsama.”

Yuto stood up from his seat and follows Inoo to his designated room.

“Please enjoy your night.” Inoo bid him a farewell and left him there in front of the door.

He took a deep breath and knocks at the door.

“Come in~” A mild voice responded to him. Yuto carefully twisted the door knob and opens the door.

He raised his head to look at his prostitute and he’s welcome by an amazing, mouthwatering sight.  Keito is lying on the bed, showing his beautiful naked back. He’s wearing a yukata with the finest cloth.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you Goshujinsama~” Keito winks to Yuto, “I’ll be your prostitute for the entire night, feel free to explore me~”

Yuto slowly closed the door trying to calm his nerves down. He’s afraid that he might lose control and just pounce and fuck Keito mercilessly. He walks to Keito, taking a deep breath in his every step. This prostitute is so hot and yummy. No wonder why he costs a lot.

He decided to take a sit on his prostitute’s bed and trails his finger on the well toned back of Keito. “How old are you?” He asked, really curious about this guy.

“I’m already 20, Goshujinsama.” Keito said it with a purr.

“Stop calling me like that, I feel old. I’m Nakajima Yuto, 23 years old.” Yuto decided to squish Keito’s butt, earning him a satisfying groan from the latter.


“Nope, just Yuto.”

“Yuto-sama” Keito giggled as Yuto continues to give him squishes on his butt. He then decided to sit on Yuto’s lap and clings to his master.

Yuto snakes his hand inside Keito’s yukata, feeling the soft skin of Keito. He leaned down a little and catches Keito’s luscious lips using his teeth. He nibbles it, loving the taste and then pulls Keito into a hot kiss. Yuto sucks Keito’s lips likes crazy and then he inserted his tongue inside the latter’s mouth, exploring Keito’s wet cavern. After that he plays with Keito’s tongue, mixing their saliva together.  Yuto pulls away a little, letting them breath and placing his forehead on Keito’s.

After a minute or so of just looking at each other’s eyes, Yuto leaned down to Keito’s neck. He uses his tongue to wet it while he unties Keito’s yukata. He gently pushes down Keito on the bed, while he positioned himself on top of him.

Completely removing Keito’s yukata, he stares in awe with the beautiful naked sight of his prostitute. “You’re so beautiful.”

Keito blushed with the comment. This is the first time someone ever complimented him. With his work, every client of him just simply ravished him like crazy. “Arigatou Yuto-sama.” He slightly buries his face on his pillow.

Yuto smiled, “Why are you hiding your face?”

“This is the first time someone complimented me…” Keito answered shyly.

“You’re perfect, you’re worth the compliments.”

Keito blushed more with what his customer said to him. He admits, he’s shocked when Inoo told him that he got a young customer. Most of time only old needy rich man went to him. He cost a lot after all. When Yuto entered his room, he can feel a different kind of feelings born within him, a feeling of hope.

Yuto touches Keito’s manhood, feeling the firm length and width of it. He surveys it and started to pump it.

“Ahhhhh~ Y-Yuto-samaa~” Keito looks seductively to Yuto.

Yuto grinned and gave a peck to Keito’s lips. He lowered his head and he suddenly put Keito’s cock inside his mouth.

“Ohhh~ SHITTT!!! Y-YUTO-SAMAAA!~” Keito griped on tightly to Yuto’s head as the latter started to suck his cock. Yuto focused on the tip first while his hands massaged Keito’s balls.  He uses his tongue to licks the cock’s different part and bite the slit part, hearing a lustful moan from Keito. He stuck his one rough finger in Keito’s tight hole.

“Yu..ahhnnn…Y-Yuto-sama ..can’t!! AHHH!!” Keito loses his control completely releases his load to Yuto’s mouth. He released his grip to Yuto’s hair and leaned his back to the bed as he panted. That was an awesome release for him, It’s not force or what. It’s a pleasurable experience.

Yuto happily drank Keito’s cum, loving the salty sweet taste of the latter. He can live just drinking this.  He pulled away with a popped and again pecked Keito’s lips.

“Ready for Round 2?” He asked thoughtfully.

Keito gave him a nod and spreads his legs open for Yuto to see his hole.

Yuto pulled a little and removed his upper clothes. Keito is just looking at him, treasuring the hotness of his customer. Yuto unzipped his pants and pulled down his boxer revealing his large and lengthy cock.

Keito blushed as he observed his customer’s cock. ‘Damn, that’s one hell of a large cock!’

“What do you think?” Yuto asked as he noticed Keito’s deep stare in his manhood.

“I-It’s so large Yuto-sama! This is the first time I ever saw a cock so large and long like that. It looks like a luscious banana.” Keito blinked with what he said and suddenly covers his mouth.

Yuto chuckled with Keito’s comment. “You’re really cute. Well this banana of mine is ready to be inside you.”

“H-Hai.” Keito answered in a shy manner. ‘What’s happening to me? I’m not normally like this.’

Yuto pulled Keito closer to him, letting the younger guy feel his monstrous cock. He rubs his cock’s head on Keito’s entrance, both moaning with the pleasure that’s driving them crazy.

“Yuto-sama,” Keito looked deeply to Yuto’s eyes. “I-Inside me, onegai.” This is the first time Keito said what he wants to a customer.

“Are you sure? I haven’t prepared you enough.” Yuto asked with concerned face.

“I’m ready, please.” Keito once again pleaded and this earns him a nod to Yuto.

“Just tell me if I’m hurting you already and I’m going to pull out.”

A gentle gesture and approach makes Keito’s eyes to go teary, a care that every person in this place wants. He looked down, he doesn’t want his customer to see his tears.

Yuto noticed this and holds Keito’s chin up. He pressed a kiss on Yuto’s forehead. “What’s wrong?”

“Just that…this is the first time I feel all of this..” Keito answered.

“Feel what?”

“Feel that someone cares for me…” Keito said in a sad tone.
Yuto smiled, “I told you, you’re worth everything. This may be the first time that I met you but I got this urge to care for you, to compliment you and to love you.”

“You love me?” Keito looks carefully in Yuto’s eyes.

Yuto nodded and pecked Keito’s lips. “I love you too.” Keito gave Yuto his sincere smile.

“I’m glad, I thought I’m just delusional.” Yuto chuckled.

Keito pulled Yuto to a sweet kiss, a kiss that he gave willingly. He wrapped his legs around Yuto’s waist. Yuto responded the kiss with love, a love that blooms from their first meeting.

“Yuto-kun, make love to me.”

“It’s my honor.” Yuto’s lips are one Keito’s forehead as he slowly enters his love’s hole. The tightness that surrounds his cock makes him groans. Keito on the other hand holds on tightly to Yuto, whimpering in pain.

When Yuto is fully inside Keito, he lets the younger one get used to his massive size.  He caressed Keito’s face, calming the younger down.

Keito glanced to Yuto and nods.

Yuto puts Keito’s legs on his shoulder as he started to thrust inside the latter. He watched Keito’s expressions, from a hurtful look to a pleasurable one. He’s thrusting in a moderate pace and Keito pulled his face closer to him.

“Yu..Yu-Yuto-samaaa~ Aghhhnnn~” Keito moaned right onto Yuto’s ears.

Hearing this moans, Yuto got more turned on and he began to thrust fast and deep inside Keito. He holds on to the headboard of the bed to support them.

Keito moans got louder and it indicates that he’ll cum soon. Using his other hand, Yuto pumped Keito’s cock with the same speed as his thrust.

“S-Soon Yu-Yuto..ahmm..samaaa!!~”  Keito hugs Yuto’s neck, pulling Yuto closer to him, at the same time Yuto moved deeper inside Keito. Reaching his climax, Keito moaned loudly as he tightens his ass, making Yuto cum inside him. Yuto groaned as he feel the cum of the younger guy in his hand.

Yuto gave Keito a quick kiss on his forehead and plopped beside him without even removing himself inside Keito. The younger guy embraced Yuto, resting himself inside the hug of the person he fell in love with.

“So how was it Yuto-sama?” Keito asked as he smells Yuto’s neck, loving the scent of the sweat of the older guy.

“I love it and also I love you.” Yuto said in a loving manner, securing Keito in his arms. “Will you be my boyfriend?”

“I will.” Keito smiled.

“Then I’ll talk to your boss later, I will definitely bring you home.”

“What am I, your wife?” Keito giggled.

“You can say it like that, I can prepare the documents tomorrow.” Yuto pinched Keito’s nose.

“Okay then~ I love you too.”  Keito said and went on top of Yuto. He licked Yuto’s chest.

“What are you doing?”

“Well~ The night is still young and you pay for me the whole night~” Keito bites his lips sexily.

“You’re so naughty” Yuto chuckled and changed their position. “Then, I will feed your naughtiness because after all like what you said, the night still young.”  Yuto closes the light,

And they continue their wild love making.


A/N: YO! LONG TIME NO SEE! IT’S BEEN A WHILE NE~ I’VE BEEN DEPRESSED A LOT BECAUSE ALL THE FILES IN MY NIP NIP [EXTERNAL HARDRIVE] GOT DELETED AND THAT INCLUDES ALL MY FANFICS. TT_TT That’s why I didn’t update, my friend told me I should rest first and write again if I’m already ready. And now I am, I will try my very best to rewrite the fanfics I should’ve updated long ago ^_^

But I think I’m getting poor in SMUT now. TT^TT This one is a perfect example.

I hope I can write wild smut again!

This fic is dedicated to my GF Mone~ OwO
This is based from the pictures of Yuto sitting on the office chair and Keito who's wearing yukata, showing his sexy back~

Date: 2013-08-04 06:25 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
aaah fic from you!

i've been missing your fic >w<

Date: 2013-08-05 02:08 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Hee hee~ busy with subbing, personal life and emo-ing with my lost fics TT^TT

Tadaima~ ^_~

Date: 2013-08-05 05:16 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]

but im soo happy u can give us a fic hehe

*hug u*
i always wait u to come back hehe

dont hide again nee~ XD

Date: 2013-08-06 01:34 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
My friend said I need to come out of my hiding place~ X3

*hugs back(

Date: 2013-08-05 03:02 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Yuto as the seme, OMG! *___*
Now that he got his well-deserved food. (´・ω・`)
Thank you for writing OkaJima fic. It's getting unbelievably rare nowadays, fufu~
Edited Date: 2013-08-05 03:05 am (UTC)

Date: 2013-08-05 03:10 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Yeah~ YamaJima everywhere, though I am a YamaJima shipper, but I miss OkaJima too~ O3O

Yuto's getting hotter, he deserves to be the seme! hahahaha~

Date: 2013-08-06 12:56 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
yay a new fic from you~ (⌒▽⌒)☆ and it was Okajima smut ≧(´▽`)≦ loved it!

Date: 2013-08-06 01:35 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
OkaJIma is rare these dayssss~ >_<
Full of YamaJima and YamaChii. Other pairings are being forgotten already ne?~

Date: 2013-08-11 07:47 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] rizzy fo&apos;rizzle (from
yes to this entire universe. i am not going to be able to watch hanzawa naoki without thinking of what nakanishi does in his off time. >D i love that he basically pretty-womaned keito at the end. and i'm happy there is okajima porn at all. i hope you keep writing! :D

Date: 2013-08-11 07:56 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Okajimaaaa. :3 :3

;___; the image of Keito in a yukata. ;__;

Aww the ending was so sweet!!

Thank you for sharing!!


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