Jul. 17th, 2014

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Title: Rescue (Part 1/2)
Author: mysteriousgal11
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: YamaJima, TakaYama, Tadaiki, YabuNoo, InooTaro, OkaJima (friendship)
Warning: Inoo and Daiki are girls here. Two long chapters, Almost 6,000 words each. Character death.
Summary: Yamada woke up and realized that his parent's are dead and his younger sister is missing. He searched for her until he reached a supermarket where he saw a person eating a fresh flesh of a human. Without any hesitation he ran away and searched for his sister again. Will he survive this apocalypse?

On the other hand the military started killing people who are infected by the virus, Captain Hikaru the head of them will try all that he can to protect the survivors that he can find even though it means risking his life.

Yabu is an owner of an underground bar, together with his right hand Ryutaro, his wife Inoo and some of his men they will help Hikaru's team to keep on living.

Yuto and Keito are trapped inside one of the room of Yabu's bar because they didn't paid the money they owe to him. Now they're surrounded by zombies, how can they escape the place?

Takaki used to be a loving husband to Daiki but because of his research failed, he risked the lives of the mankind. Will he be able to make an antidote or he'll leave in the world of despair and dragged Daiki along with him?

Yuri is carrying his newborn child and hiding inside an abandoned factory when zombies started to gather around him. Losing his wife, he wouldn't risk to lose his baby at all, With all his strength left, he ran while carrying his baby to a safer place, but is there any place safe now?

Rescue.... )


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