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Title: The Cab Driver
Author: [ profile] mysteriousgal11
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: YamaJima
Genre: Morbid/Death/Rape
Summary: There's a news that a mysterious handsome killer is lurking around Tokyo. Yamada just ignore it and continue to do his assignments. But what he doesn't know is that he'll be the next victim.
Warning: Character death, Morbid story. I don't know.
Requested by: [ profile] fheb_totx to my friend but she passed it to me. @~@

The Cab Driver

Yamada is spending his time inside the library and being surrounded my books. He’s planning to finish all of his projects so that he can be free for the rest of his summer vacation. He’s with his friends earlier but they left him for they have other appointments too. While finishing his last paperwork the librarian tapped his shoulder signaling him that it’s already the closing time of the library. He looked at the clock and he’s shocked that it’s already past 9pm, his mother will be mad at him for sure. He gathered all his things and thanked the librarian for waiting for him. The moment he stepped outside the building, he’s welcomed by the hard downpour of the rain.

“Mou, what will I do now? I forgot to bring my umbrella because the weather report said it would be sunny today... Stupid news!” Yamada keeps on cursing but figuring out the train won’t stop and the train station is still far, he decided to take a cab.

He waited for about 10 minutes until a cab stopped in front of him. He smiled widely that finally he can go home now.

The driver looked at him and he’s awed with the driver’s feature. Handsome face and beautiful voice, it’s enchanting. On the other hand the mysterious driver smirked with Yamada’s appearance, it seems like he’s lucky today. He asked where they will go and proceed in driving while making plans in his head. He will have a great feast today.

After a while in their travel Yamada noticed that they’re passing in a different route.

“Anou, Driver-san, where are we? I don’t think this route will lead me home” Yamada asked the driver, he started to have headaches too and it seems like he will passed out soon.

The driver is wearing a face mask now, well it’s normal in their place. He continues to drive and just simply replied. “This is a shortcut” Shortcut to pleasure land, he thought.

Yamada leaned down on his seat, his sleepiness kicking in his system and after a minute, he fell asleep.

The driver stopped spraying air drugs in his ventilation and looked at Yamada. “A really nice catch!” he drive in a secluded area and parked there.

He let the drugs in the air of the cab to ventilate outside and then fixed the positions of the cab seats. He locked the doors of the cab but leaves the front window slightly open. He observes Yamada’s face, “Such a beautiful man” he eagerly removes Yamada’s clothes and licks his lips. “I bet he’s really pure. I love virgins.” He went on top of Yamada inhaling his scent. “So sweet~”

He went down to Yamada’s chest and licked the nipples of Yamada. He focused on the left one, sucking it like a baby. He started biting it and tugging it while his right hand fingers Yamada’s hole.

Yamada, was woken up because of the pain he’s feeling. He’s welcomed by the driver’s face. “It seems like you’re awake now, sleeping beauty.” He widen his eyes and struggled. “What do you want from me?! Stop it bastard!!”

“I’m not a bastard, I have a name and it is Yuto” Yuto leaned down and sucks Yamada’s lips. The latter slapped Yuto’s face hard. Yuto looked at him with his menacing eyes. “So you want it rough, huh?” He get the rope just beneath the seat.

“What are you going to do?! Let me go!!! Helpppp!!!!” Yamada keeps on shouting but Yuto just tied Yamada’s hands together.

“No matter how much you shout, no one can hear you.” Yuto went down to Yamada’s legs and raises it high. He can see Yamada’s hole, “It seems like you need more in here.”

“Please not this...I can give you anything, but not this.” Yamada is now pleading to Yuto to stop.

“I haven’t started yet but you’re already pleading? But sad to say I don’t want anything, I only want you and this.” He dived down to Yamada’s hole and stick his tongue in. He swirled it, tasting Yamada’s virgin hole.

“No!! Yametteee!! Onegai, please stop all of this!” Yamada can’t do anything else but to plead and cry. He feel so disgusted with everything. He’s a guy for the sake of his strawberries.

Yuto used his fingers to spread Yamada’s hole. He’s amazed with the tightness of it. He drools inside the hole, watching where his drool will end up. “So cute~” Amazed with his new toy, he inserted his whole fist inside the hole of his toy. “Oh, so warm~”

Yamada shouted in pain, this is too much. Why is this happening to him?

“Scream more! I want to hear you scream! Come on scream!” Yuto is thrusting his whole fist inside Yamada, making the hole bleed.

“AHHH!! NOOOO!! STOPPPP!! STOPPP!!! IT HURTS!! IT HURTS SO MUCH!! STOP!!!!” Yamada’s voice is hoarse but he needs to follow the order of Yuto or he’s afraid the latter will kill him.

Yuto pulled out his fist inside Yamada and was so happy that it’s full of blood. He licked it and squeals in happiness. “Delicious!!!!” He grinned and looked at Yamada. “You’re a good boy~”

“Can you let go of me now?” Yamada’s eyes are blurred because of tears. He’s panting and he feels like he can die anytime.

“No, not yet~ I need to reward you for being a good boy!” Yuto pecked Yamada’s lips and removed his pants. He showed his manhood to Yamada. “Cute, right?” He slapped his manhood on Yamada’s face.

He spread Yamada’s limp legs and position his self. “Are you ready? In 3, 2, 1!” Yuto inserted his whole length inside the latter, thrusting it like there’s no tomorrow.

Yamada covered his mouth, already tired and hopeless of the violation that Yuto is doing to him.

“Don’t cover your mouth!!” Yuto widen his eyes and strangle Yamada’s neck.

Yamada tried to speak and fight but Yuto’s hold is so tight that his voice is not coming out.

“I said scream! Scream loudly!!” He tightened his hold on Yamada’s neck.

Yamada is really trying all that he can to scream but he can see his surrounding dimming and he can’t breath anymore.

“SCREAM ASSHOLE!!!” Yuto thrust more inside Yamada but he can feel the latter not moving anymore. He let go of Yamada’s neck and look at Yamada’s pulse. “It seems like I killed someone again~”

He positions Yamada’s dead body on all fours and fucked Yamada’s hole again and again. He can still feel some warmth from Yamada’s body. He touches the manhood of Yamada and saw his manhood still stiff hard even though Yamada is dead already. He grinned, and pumped it even though he knows it will not work anymore.

He released lot of times inside the cold hole of Yamada. He let go of the body of the latter when he’s satisfied already. “Indeed a good boy~” He get his knife and removed Yamada’s member and right hand from his body. “New groceries! I wonder how I will cook this~”

He smiled happily as he drives to the river near the place of Yamada. He threw out the body of Yamada and lets it float. He leaves the place and another day have passed to this killer.


Hours before the incident, Yamada is talking to his friends about a serial killer roaming around Tokyo.

“He dismembered the person! He will rape them first and then kill them! We need to be careful!” Yuri said while he’s clinging to Ryutaro.

Yamada looked boredly at the news. “Handsome killer huh?” He just ignored it and continue his studies.

He didn’t know that he’ll be the next target of this handsome cab driver killer.


A/N: Unbeta-ed, forgive my grammatical errors and such. Actually I was just typing randomly and I don't know what happened, it ended up like this XD Just a fic update~ hehehe~ Long time no post! Busy with subbing so yeah @~@

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