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Title: Unexpected Wedding
Author: [ profile] mysteriousgal11
Rating: G
Pairing: ChiiTaro
Genre: Fluff
Summary: Dying Ryutaro received a call from his ex girlfriend Yuri.
Requested by: [ profile] yuriyana
Note: Chinen is a girl here.

Unexpected Wedding

I’ve been sitting on the bed looking at the view outside of my room. It’s been 2 years, 2 years stucked in this place trying everything to live. I know it’s hopeless already. My sickness is really rare and I’m aware that my end is near. Looking at the beautiful sky and radiant sun makes me remember her. She’s as beautiful as the sky, but maybe she’s more beautiful than it. Her smile is so radiant that it makes me want to protect it forever. We made promises together, one of it is that we’ll have a big family, second is that we’ll have our own restaurant even though I know she’ll mess up lots of things, but the promise that I will never ever forget is that we’ll be together forever. It’s pretty childish but it’s special for us. I looked at the table beside my hospital bed, there a picture is being protected by the frame that she decorated before. A picture of us, smiling happily. I missed her so much but I can’t go back to her. My life is ending and hers will still go on. I know that the pain I gave her is too much but I just want her to look for someone that will be there for her. I went out of trance when my phone started ringing. I looked at it, an unknown number.

I answered it, a little bit hesitant.“Hello?”
“Ryu-chan...” this voice, I know this voice, the voice of the person that I missed the most.

“Chii...” I replied as tears started gathering on my eyes.

“Yokatta, I called the right number.” I heared her sighed in relief.

“How did you know my number?” I asked her.

“Oh, I asked Yabu-kun. Your older brother is still fond of me you know.” She answered, I can imagine her smiling brightly.

“Why did you call me?” I thought she will never contact me again.

“Oh, about that. I’m getting married.” Happiness is evident in her voice.

I unconsciously let go of my phone, my chest tightening. I breathed heavily trying to calm myself down. I need to be strong, I’m talking to her after a long time.

“Ryu-chan? Are you still there?”

Holding my chest, I picked up my phone and answered her. “Yes, I’m still here...sorry I’m busy as of the moment.” I tried not to pant while talking to her. I don’t want her to know the truth that I’ve been hiding to her for a long time. But how can I calm down when the thing that she said is hurting me a lot.

“Oh, I forgot that you’re always busy. I’ll just give the invitation to your brother. See you soon Ryu-chan” Sadness can be traced in her voice as she hung up.

It’s not like that Yuri, I really want to talk to you but it hurts a lot. The pain is unbearable and I just fainted there.

“I think he only have 3 weeks to live.” I heard the doctor talking to my brother.

“3 weeks?! What the fuck, he’s still young he deserve to live. I’m willing to donate my heart just for him!” Kota, my older brother is arguing with my doctor again.

“We stopped his medication for 2 months already, we can’t do anything now. He’s still refusing heart transplant. The cancer cells are spreading rapidly in his body. Even though I want to save him, I can’t... I’m sorry” I can hear the footsteps of the doctor fading as he left the room.

I opened my eyes and saw the my brother is not moving from where he is. I reached out for his hand. He looked at me, his eyes full of tears. I smiled at him. He hugged me tight, I hugged him back as I pat his back.

“Kota-nii, I thought you’re the older one here, why are you crying again?” I teased him, trying to ease his pain.

“Ryuu, please do the operation for me...”

I gently pulled out of his hug and caresses his face. “Kota-nii, I’m really sorry but I can’t fulfill what you want.”

He bite his lips. “Is this because of her?”

“Kota-nii, you know that even I accepted the operation there’s a big possibility that it won’t work properly. The cancer cells already spread around my body. I don’t want to experience pain again because of their treatments.” I looked at the picture that I treasure,

“Also, I don’t want my heart to change. I want this heart to be the one who’ll always love her.” I looked to my brother’s eyes. “Please understand me...”

”She’s getting married next week.”

“I know and I want to be there...” I said to my brother.

“Are you sure” Kota-nii is looking at me worriedly. “Can you handle the pain?” He asked.

I just nodded my head and Kota-nii just hugged me the whole night.

It’s been tough for me, gathering all my strength for this day. These past few days I can feel myself getting weaker. My doctor and brother are against with me attending the wedding of Yuri, but I want to be witness the happiness of the person that I loved so much.

Kota-nii prepared nice clothes for me. He made sure that everything is fine with me.

“Are you really sure you don’t want me to accompany you? You know how sick you are.”

“I’m really really sure. Also, even if you don’t say it, I know that you will follow me. But please make sure you’re distant.” I chuckled as I saw Kota-nii’s face getting red.

Kota-nii ended up going with me in the wedding. Various people are looking at me, mostly they’re Yuri’s friends. Of course I know them, they used to be my friends too. Kei, the cousin of Yuri and the wife of my brother guided me to where Yuri is.

I’m in front of the door where she is, hesitating to knock. Kota-nii looked at me and tapped my shoulder and then he opened the door for me. There in front of me is the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen. She looked at me, those eyes, the eyes that I’ve been longing to stare.

Yuri smiled, “I’m glad you came or I will end up groom-less”

“Eh? What do you mean? Groom-less? Where is your groom?” I asked still not coping up with what’s happening.

“My groom is already in front of me.” Yuri stood up and hugs me tightly. “I know every thing Ryu-chan... A month ago I saw you in the hospital, I stalked you until your brother saw me. He explained everything to me. That you have a heart cancer and you left me because you don’t want me to be in pain when if I see you struggling because of your sickness. The remaining days of your life I want to spend it with you. I want to be there during the difficult days of your life, that’s why you’re here with me.” Yuri pulled away and gets a small box. “Will you marry me?” She opened it and show me two beautiful rings.

Tears started to flow out of my eyes. “Chii...”

She pouted, “Call me like the way you used before.”

“Yuri...” I called her name softly, full of love and affection. “Are you really willing to marry a dying man in front of you. A man that can’t be with you forever?”

She pecked my lips, a kiss after two years. “Ryu-chan, you’re with be forever, in here.” She pointed to her heart.

“If that’s the case then I will marry you Yuri” I leaned down and kisses her lips.

Someone coughed at our back. “Okay lovers, enough with this sweetness the visitors are waiting and also Ryuu needs to wear his tuxedo.” Yabu said, his eyes disappearing because of his smile.

“You know all about this Kota-nii?”

“Of course, I spend lot of money here.” Kei whacked his husband. “Urusai Kota~ Let the kid prepare.”

I changed into a nice white tuxedo that Yuri choose for me. I waited for Yuri in front of the altar, still can’t believe that this is happening. Yuri walked towards me, her veil covering her beautiful face. I held his hand tightly as the priest proceeding with our wedding rights. It ended up and it’s time for me to kiss the bride, my beautiful Yuri. I fixed her veil and leaned down to capture her soft lips.

“My days might be counted but I want to extend it for us.” I whispered to Yuri and then she looked at me. “What do you mean?”

“I’m afraid to have an operation because my heart might stop beating for you. I don’t want to feel the pain again.” I looked sadly at her.

“I will remind your new heart that it’s beating only for me. I will always be there to ease your pain. I will be your medicine so please live longer Ryu-chan.” She said those couraging words to me and I know she’s serious.

“Then I promise in front of everyone in here, in front of Kami-sama that I will live longer for you Yuri.” I looked through her eyes.

“I will make sure you fulfill that promise...” Yuri pulled me down to his height level and kisses me again.


I woke up because of the bright light shining outside the window. I looked at my side and saw Yuri sleeping. I can feel my heart beating faster, my new heart.

She stirs in her sleep and opened her eyes. She looked at me and smiled.

“Ryu-chan you’re finally awake!” My heart is beating so fast the moment I saw her smile. I put my hands on my chest and feel it. I looked at Yuri again and hugged her.

“It seems like I will be with you forever, my love.”

“But how about making a big family first?” She grinned.

“Hai, ready once I’m well.” I grinned to her too.

“I’m always ready” She winked.

Oh and now I can’t wait to be discharged.


A/N: This one is a complete crap :( I'm sorry~ I failed TTnTT Forgive my grammatical errors and such.
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