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Title: Rescue (Part 1/2)
Author: mysteriousgal11
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: YamaJima, TakaYama, Tadaiki, YabuNoo, InooTaro, OkaJima (friendship)
Warning: Inoo and Daiki are girls here. Two long chapters, Almost 6,000 words each. Character death.
Summary: Yamada woke up and realized that his parent's are dead and his younger sister is missing. He searched for her until he reached a supermarket where he saw a person eating a fresh flesh of a human. Without any hesitation he ran away and searched for his sister again. Will he survive this apocalypse?

On the other hand the military started killing people who are infected by the virus, Captain Hikaru the head of them will try all that he can to protect the survivors that he can find even though it means risking his life.

Yabu is an owner of an underground bar, together with his right hand Ryutaro, his wife Inoo and some of his men they will help Hikaru's team to keep on living.

Yuto and Keito are trapped inside one of the room of Yabu's bar because they didn't paid the money they owe to him. Now they're surrounded by zombies, how can they escape the place?

Takaki used to be a loving husband to Daiki but because of his research failed, he risked the lives of the mankind. Will he be able to make an antidote or he'll leave in the world of despair and dragged Daiki along with him?

Yuri is carrying his newborn child and hiding inside an abandoned factory when zombies started to gather around him. Losing his wife, he wouldn't risk to lose his baby at all, With all his strength left, he ran while carrying his baby to a safer place, but is there any place safe now?



Another breakthrough to medicine world had been discovered, another cure for STD. The team of these new researchers got awards just for this. They tested it to people and it worked but unknown to them the changes are different from what they expected. The subjects started feeling light headed and hunger for fresh flesh are getting into them.

“This can’t be happening!” The head researcher shouted as he looked at the patients they tested.

“They’re dead but alive.” Another one said.


“We must hide the truth...”

“No, let’s continue with this experiment! We’re already at the top!” Their head said, trying to convince them.

“You’re on your own now Takaki-san.” They said and left him alone.

He tried his best to perfect his work but he ended up creating more undeads. He tested things to himself to the point of ending up being half human and half zombie.

“You need to stop this Yuya! Look at you, you’re not the person I know!” Daiki, Yuya’s wife is trying to stop another experiment that Takaki will conduct.

Takaki used all his force to throw away Daiki from him. “Shut up!” He widen his eyes, his left eyeball almost coming out.

Daiki looked away somehow disgusted with how his husband turned to be.

“Why are you not looking at me? I look hideous?” Takaki holds Daiki’s chin and makes the latter face him. Daiki is still looking away from Takaki and then he slapped her hard.

Daiki’s sobbing already, “You disgust me.”

Takaki laugh maniacally, “I disgust you? Then prepare to be disgusted more!!” Takaki put a chain around Daiki's neck and he drives to a place where he’s secretly conducts experiments.

“Where are we?” Daiki is scared with the place. It’s eerie and it looks like no one will come there.

“To hell.” Takaki opened a passage on the floor of the apartment leading to his secret laboratory.

Daiki’s eyes widen as he saw zombies working at the lab,women inside a big tube full of chemical and water, various women chained wear or almost dead. “What is this?! Yuya what are you doing?!”

Takaki ignored her and forces her to enter a big dog cage.

“Yuya don’t do this to me please! I’m your wife!” Daiki pleaded him.

“You’re not my wife anymore, you’re just a mere subject for my experiment.” Takaki coldly said to her and left her.


Start of the Story
-The incident-

Yamada woke up feeling a slight headache. He looked around and realized he’s inside their family car. He removed his seat belt while slightly rubbing his aching head. He reached out to his parents just in front of the driver seat.

“Mom? Dad?” He tried shaking them as he realized that they’re not moving or even breathing. “Mom!! Dad!! Wake up!!!” Blood oozed out of his parent’s head. He backed down horrified with the sight of it. He surveyed his surrounding and take note that he’s in the middle of the hi-way. Remembering his younger sister, he looked at the back of their car and saw nothing. Where did his sister go?

He opened the car door and slides out. He turned around, horror etched on his face. ‘What the hell is happening here?’ he thought as he saw vacant cars, fire everywhere and no people around. He tried remembering what happened before he loses his consciousness. They’re on their way to the province for vacation when a sudden car hit them. Bothered that his sister might have injuries, he searched for her.

“Yuu? Yuu where are you?!” He’s shouting, walking around the place feeling so creepy to be abandoned by people. “Yuu?! Yuu!!! Onii-chan is here, where are you?!” he walked for almost an hour until he reached the supermarket.

‘Maybe Yuu went here?” He thought and entered the place.

Groceries are scattered everywhere, the place is messy as if a typhoon just went to the place. “Yuu are you here?” He walked around completely lost and feeling so afraid. He took a water bottle from the refrigerator and slumped down on the ground, drinking the contents of it. He’s so confused with everything. Just this morning they’re all happy and eager to go to the province to visit their grandparents and now here he is, alone looking for his younger sister while his parents are in the car, dead. Deciding to searched for his sister, he threw the bottle on the ground and looked around the place again. He can hear something moving at the east side of the supermarket.

“Yuu, is that you?!” he careful looked at the place and his eyes widen at the view of someone eating the heart of the person on the ground. He gasped at it and that someone looked at him. His face is disoriented, his eyes are gray and most of all he stand up and walked to his direction. He rushed to the other way, scared. When he reached the other end he was surprised to see more of it. ‘Fuck, Zombies!’  he thought. He run away from the supermarket and goes back to their car. He’s crying, thinking that everything should be a dream. His mother suddenly moved and he looked at her. “MOM!!!” but his mother face is like the zombies he saw. “No!! This is not happening!! NO!!” His father also moves and tried reaching out for him. He goes out of the car and ran, ran to where his feet can take him and then he saw a small girl looking at the zombie in front of her.

“Yuu!!!!” He took a piece of wood near his feet and run with all his might to where his little sister is. Without any hesitation he hit the zombie on its head and carried his sister. “Yuu, I’m glad you’re alive!” He hugged his sister tightly who’s innocently looking at him.
The zombie moved again and Yamada ran away to the other end of the street but was welcomed by more than a dozen of zombies. He looked at the other side and zombies are on his way too. He doesn't know what to do anymore. He’s just hugging his sister tightly when a silver car suddenly stopped in front of him. Without any hesitation, he ride the car and they drove away. He’s still shocked with what happening and failed to see the look and grin of his savior.


15 hours before incident.

Girls are inside the cage wearing bikini and dancing lewdly. People are inside the bar having fun and fucking in different parts of the bar. The dj is playing a loud music as the women entertain the customers of their establishment. Yabu is looking down with a satisfied smile as he fondled the breast of the girls beside him. Various naked girls are inside the room waiting for their boss to give them instructions. Others are there, having sex with each other.

“It looks like we have more customers again, ne~” He looked at the girl beside him and deep kisses her. He looked at the other side and sucked the lips of the other girl.

“Yabu-sama, it’s time for you medicine~” Two girls from his back said to him. He looked to them and smiled. They went to him and hugged him as they touched his cock. “Good girls~” He walked to the other room and sit on the couch as the girl prepared his cocaine. The girl sat on his lap and helped him with it. He’s now smoking happily while his right hand is playing with the nipples of the girl on his right, while the other one is touching the heads of the girl who’s playing with his cock and balls. He’s already relaxing when his men entered the room. He looked angrily at them because for the nth time they disturbed him while he’s pleasuring himself.

“They’re here again.” Ryutaro, his right hand and most trusted man told him.

He ushered the girl on his lap to remove the cocaine from his mouth and looked at the guy. “I thought I already told you that they shouldn't be allowed here anymore!”

“I’m sorry Yabu-sama, they told Ichiro that they already have money to pay you.” Ryutaro bowed in front of him followed by the others.

“Tsk, those two.” He stand up and pushed away his girls. He fixed his pants and also his clothes that’s full of fur. The tattoo on his chest, clearly seen and indicating he’s a gangster. He looked lastly to one of his girls and kisses her on the lips while he inserted two fingers inside her, making the girl moan. Yabu pulled away and licked his fingers.

“Let’s go.” He told to his men and they went to another room where two men are sitting on the chair, back to back and tied.

“I told the two of you to never comeback here until you paid me!!” He gripped the hair of the thinner guy.

“We have our money when we went here, I swear. Just that when Yuto and I are dancing around, someone bumped to us and maybe he got our money!!” The other guy explained.

“And you think I will believe you Okamoto? You said that to me countless of times already.” Yabu kicked Keito on his stomach. The latter groans and looks pleadingly to Yabu. “I swear we’re saying the truth this time!”

“Yes, Yabu-san, we’re saying the truth.” Yuto said, still in pain because of Yabu’s grip on his hair.

“And now what will I do? Searched for that person, huh?” Yabu punched the face of Yuto.

“Please give us another chance, I swear we’ll pay you!” Keito pleaded again.

Yabu pulled away and laughed. “I’ll be the one who’ll think the way how the two of you can pay me, but as of now... Ryutaro, you know what to do.” he looked at Ryutaro and the latter nodded.

Ryutaro asked the others to punched and kicked the two while Yabu goes to the room where his girls are. He sat on the couch and slapped some girls. “Stupid people.”

“It seems like you’re in a bad mood~” A sweet melodic voice said to him. The girl walked to her direction and stand in front of him. She’s wearing a sexy lingerie that turned Yabu on.

“People that’s bad for the business.” Yabu said as he buried his face on the breast of that girl.

“Should your wife pleasure you?” The girl said while she’s caressing Yabu’s hair.

“Can you Kei?” Yabu pouted.

“Of course~” Kei said as she removed her clothes in front of Yabu. The other girl are just looking at them awe in the beauty of Kei. Even though Yabu have so many girls, he only loves Kei. She’s the sexiest and most beautiful of the girl he saw and he married her because of love.

Yabu lie down on the couch and Kei sit on his face. He uses his fingers to spread Kei’s part and licked it.

“Kotaaa~ ahhhh~” Kei moaned as she rubbed her part on face of Yabu. Yabu on the other hand, tongue fucked Kei as he helped his wife to grind her body on his face. After just a minute of that, Kei released on Yabu’s face and Yabu slurped it happily. Kei moved down and looked at Yabu. “Ah you’re so messy~” She giggled and licked Yabu’s face.

Yabu ushered two other girls to joined them. He smiled to Kei and entered inside his wife without any warning, Kei just moaned and the other girls began playing with her body. One girl is sucking her nipples while the other one is playing with her butt hole.

“You deserve all the pleasure my honey~” Yabu started thrusting inside Kei as she nibbled the nipples of the girl who’s playing with his wife’s butt hole. The four them are in the world of pleasure and they continued doing it until they get tired.


7 hours before the incident

Reporters are scattered in one place trying to asked the military with what’s happening and why are they deployed by the government. The higher ups are silent with the issues around them. One reporter tried to asked Hikaru, a passing captain of the military but he refused and went to one of the secretary of the president. He saluted him and the secretary saluted back.

“The president wants all the infected to be killed away. We must do everything to save the other parts of the country. We will blocked all the passage ways and I appoint your team do the rest of the cleaning.” The secretary said to Hikaru.

“We will do all that we can even though we risked our life here.” He said, toughness evident with his voice.

“It is said from reports that the first one to be infected is at the dark side of Tokyo.”

“Dark side? You mean the underground streets?” He asked.

“Yes, now leave and do your works. Also Captain Yaotome, please stay alive if you can.” The secretary aboard his helicopter and Hikaru looked up at it.

“Alive? I hope I can.” He looked at his team. “Let’s start our mission now!” They started moving to their appointed place and wished that they stay alive in this mission.

They’ve been killing the zombies for almost 3 hours now without any rest and saved some survivors. They returned to their base where the reporters are waiting. They still refused to talk to them and took a break while they loaded their guns. They already lost some of their team but there are still lots of zombies around and they’re afraid they can’t hide it to public anymore.

“Captain Yaotome we found another survivor!” Totsuka shouted while he assisted the girl, covered with blood and blanket as it started raining an hour ago.

“Good, make sure he’s warm. Stay here and look after the survivors. We’ll continue our mission again.” He stand up and took his guns.

Totsuka saluted and looked at the back of his captain. He focused his attention to the girl and saw her looking at the ground. “Wait here okay? I’ll get you something to eat.” He smiled and left the girl while he went to their military truck. All of this are being captured by the cameras of the reporters and once they saw Totsuka went away, they grabbed the opportunity to interview the girl.

“Can you tell me what’s happening? Why are you full of blood?” The reporter asked the girl but she’s not replying. They keep on questioning her until she suddenly grabbed the reporter’s hand and bite it hard. The reporter started screaming in pain as the girl started chewing her hand. Totsuka, heard everything and quickly went back. “Shit! She’s infected!!” He grabbed his gun but before he can turned around and shot the girl, another infected guy bite his neck. Everyone started running away, but the zombie virus are being spread more in the capital.


Kei is sitting on the chair near the couch where his husband and his girls are sleeping. She’s watching the news about the military having a special mission. She got bored and looked her husband. She shook him away using her foot but he’s still sleeping soundly while his face is pillowing the breast of one of his girls. Kei sighed and just decided to take a bath.

At the other room, Yabu’s men are playing cards and drinking beer.

“I bet Yabu-sama got tired again from fucking so many women” Ichiro laughed and throw his cards on the table.

Ryutaro put down his cards and show them that he win. He get the money from the others and answered plainly. “He’s a sex freak.”

“Ah~ I want one of his girl, the one with big breast. I want to bury my face on her cleavage forever.” Another guy said.

“I want the wife. She’s so sexy and delicious.” The guy who said was suddenly punched by Ryutaro. That guy looked at him and asked what’s wrong in an angry but scared tone.

“She’s mine.” Ryutaro smirked.

“Shit!! Morimoto-san the military is outside!!!” One guy said. They took their gun and run down where they can kill the cops while Ryutaro and the other 3 went to his boss’ room and informed him with what’s happening.

Yabu immediately woke up and put on some decent clothes. He grabbed his wife’s hand and they left the room while the others are distracting the cops.

They immediately went down the bar but they didn’t expect there’ll be more horrifying than the cops there. There are dead people that is being eaten by zombies. “What the fuck is happening?!” He shouted and the zombies looked at them.

Kei whacked Yabu’s head. “Don’t shout baka!!”

“Let’s go to the other exit!” Ryutaro said to them

“But there are cops there.” someone said.

“It’s more safer to be with the military rather than die here.” Ryutaro looked at Yabu waiting for his boss’ agreement and the latter nod.

They exited to the place where the battle between his mean and the cops are happening.

“Wait! Stop it, we’re humans!” Yabu shouted, hiding behind Ryutaro.

The cops looked at them and stopped firing. His other men went down and joined them.

“There are zombies in here, we’re not safe.” Yabu said to the head of the military.

“No one is infected in here?” Hikaru looked at each one of them.

Yabu nodded while he hugged his wife.

“Let’s go to somewhere safe for the moment. They’re already everywhere we can’t fight them. The only thing we can do now is hide. There’ll be a helicopter that will rescue all of us.” Hikaru explained. “I’m Captain Yaotome Hikaru from the military.”

“I’m Yabu Kota, she’s Kei my wife. And the others are my men. We thought you’re going to kill us because we’re from the underground.” Yabu said as they started moving to somewhere safe.

“If there is no viruses we might, but now we’re looking for people who can help us and I think you can. Though your men killed some of my members.” Hikaru is alert even though he’s talking to Yabu.

“We will help you. All of us need manpower to survive this.”


Just inside the bar, two person are freaking out as they saw the zombies from the window trying to open the door of the room where they are.

“Fuck! We need to get our of here Keito!” Yuto is panicking already.

“But we’re tied here!” Panic can also be heard in his voice.

“HELP!!! PLEASE HELP US!! YABU-SAN!! LET US OUT!!!!” Yuto shouted.

“Yuto don’t be loud. They might left already, also the more you shout the more the zombies will come here.” Keito explained trying to find a way to get out of the place with his friend. He looked around and saw a knife. It seems like it was dropped by one of Yabu’s men yesterday. “Yuto, look at the table there’s a knife.”

Yuto looked at it, “But how can we get it we’re tied here!”

They can hear the door on the verge of breaking.

“Damn! Let’s get it! Let’s stand up together.” Yuto instructed to Keito. They counted in 3 and stand up in difficulty.

A zombie woman entered the room using the door that’s connected to Yabu’s place. They widened their eyes. “Yuto, faster get the knife.” Yuto reached out for the knife and used it to remove his ropes. The zombie suddenly attacked them and they moved away.

“Keito turn around I’ll cut the rope behind you!” Keito followed while looking at the zombie that’s almost in front of him. “Hayaku Yuto!!!” Yuto followed and he cut it the exact time the zombie almost bite Keito’s face. Yuto moved and tried to stabbed the zombie when it suddenly hit him and the knife got thrown away.

He immediately searched for it and the zombie looked at Keito again, using her force to bite his prey. “Yuto stop looking for it and looked for something to kill this bitch!” Keito said as the zombie is close to biting him. He uses his hand to blocked the face of the zombie but it bite his hand. “Damn!! Yuto help me!!!” He shouted. Yuto hit the zombies back using a pole and he grabbed Keito and they run away to the bar.

They went out of it and it’s already night time. They run all the way to the street and to a vacant lot. They lean on the wall, panting because they’re tired already.

“That was intense.” Yuto said as he sit down on the ground.

Keito sat beside him, dizzy and with a bleeding hand. “Yes, I thought zombies are only in movies.” he smiled.

“Oh shit man, you’re bleeding.” Yuto looked at Keito’s hand and uses his handkerchief to wrapped it.

“Thanks man.” Keito sighed, somehow his dizziness intensifies.

“Even though it’s zombie apocalypse now, I’m happy that I’m not alone and I’m with my best friend.” Yuto chuckled.

“You sound gay Yuto.” Keito chuckled. “Just promise me you’ll live okay?”

“Of course! We need to find beautiful ladies that are left in this country together~” Yuto patted Keito’s shoulder when suddenly Keito looked at him with blanked face and his expression are like the zombies earlier.

He immediately blocked himself and look at Keito. “You’re infected, no!!” Keito-zombie reached out for him. “Sorry man, I need to go! But I’ll live, I promise you!” Yuto stand up and ran away from Keito, leaving his only best friend behind.


3 hours before the incident

They searched for almost an hour until they saw the cinema. They can be safe here they thought.

“It’s risky.” Ryutaro is looking at the zombies walking just in front of the cinema.

“It’s the safest place now. The security and technology of this place is high.” Hikaru said.

“But there are of zombies in front. We need to passed by them to go in.” Yabu said, a little bit hesitant.

“We need to take the risk. We’ll kill the zombies that will go near us but we need to run fast.” Hikaru looked at the zombies.

Without any choice all of them agreed and prepared themselves to run. With Hikaru’s signal all of them ran and killed some of the zombies that are blocking their way. Yabu is running fast, forgetting his wife behind. They entered the place with Kei being the last one to entered and they secured the place. The zombies are trying to break in but it’s futile because like what Hikaru said the security in here is high.

“Eh? Where’s my wife?”Yabu looked around and received another whack from his wife. “You left me behind, baka!”

“I’m sorry honey~ They’re so many and I got afraid.” Yabu hugged his wife and cooed it.

The others just rolled their eyes.

“Anyway, I want to clean myself. I’ll just go to the bathroom~” Kei said as he pulled away from Yabu.

“We need to be together until everything is really safe.” Hikaru said.

“But you said that it’s secured here and I really feel so sticky I need a bath~ Please Kotaaa~” She gave her puppy dog look to Yabu and the latter just nodded. “Okay then, Ryutaro come with her and guard her.” Ryutaro nodded and followed Kei to the comfort room.

Hikaru gathered them, “The two of you guard the entrance. The others look for food and we’ll stay in the cinema A” They nodded and followed Hikaru.

In the comfort room, Ryutaro is looking at Kei’s figure who’s cleaning herself using the water there.

“You’re really sexy~” Ryutaro licked his lips.

“Why are you here? This is a girl’s bathroom. Just wait outside.” Kei looked at Ryutaro and she can see the lustful look of him.

“Yabu-san said I need to guard you, it also mean to be with you here.” Ryutaro grinned.

Kei just ignored him and continued to wash herself. Ryutaro walked closer to Kei and touched her butt. “You have a nice butt~” Kei turned around and slapped him. “Prevert!”. Ryutaro stare at Kei, “But you love perverts right? You love it when Yabu fucked you hard and fast. You love it when his girls are playing with your body.” Ryutaro leaned down to kiss Kei but the latter kicked him.

He tried to strip Kei but the latter is fighting him. “Pervert! You need to die!”

“I’ll taste you first before I’ll die.” Ryutaro uses all his force to pushed Kei to the door and banged her head until she stopped fighting. Kei getting too weak finally gave up.

Ryutaro grinned in victory as finally he can have cake, he removed Kei’s bra and sucked the breast of the latter when suddenly Kei bite him on his right ear, tearing it. He pulled away and looked at Kei, he noticed that she’s bitten on his right foot. “Damn, she’s infected!” Kei, whose now zombie reached for his feet and dragged him closer. She went on top of Ryutaro and bite various parts of the guy until he loses his life.

“Where are they?” Yabu is pacing back and forth inside the cinema.

They’re already resting there, eating the food they gathered.. Yabu is worried because it’s been long since they went to the comfort room.

“What if there are zombies in here too?” One from Hikaru’s team said. They got alert when someone knocked on the door.

“Don’t open it!” Hikaru instructed.

“No open it, it might be my wife and Ryutaro” Yabu said, pushing Hikaru’s subordinate on the ground.

“We’re not sure!” Hikaru argued.

Yabu ignored Hikaru and opened it, they all loaded their gun.

Kei entered the place, looking down and full of blood. Yabu hugged her wife, “What happened to you? Where’s Ryutaro?” Kei almost bite him when he was pulled by Hikaru. “She’s infected!!” They pointed their gun to her.

“No, she’s not! She can’t be!” Yabu moved a little bit closer to Kei. “Kei, I’m your husband.... You’re still you, right?” Kei looked at him, her face turning into a more zombie look.

“We need to kill her.” Hikaru said and Yabu looked at him. Yabu’s full of grief to lose his wife but he nodded, “Let me be the one to kill her.”

They agreed and get his gun, “I really love you Kei, but I need to do this sorry.” Yabu let one tear escapes from his eyes and shot Kei on the head. Kei fell down, dead. Yabu goes to Kei and holds the hand of his wife, “Sorry, sorry” he’s crying.

Yuto entered at the back of the cinema and roamed around, tired again from running. He looked around and saw some clothes from a shop there, he changed his clothes and wandered around. He saw the light from one of the cinema open and he can hear people talking. He entered there but a gun was pointed right to his head.

“Wait! I’m clean...I’m not inf-... Yabu-san?!” Yuto looked at Yabu, but the latter just ignored him.

“You know this guy?” Hikaru asked Yabu.

Yabu nodded but still looking at the corpse of his wife, “I left him inside the bar, hoping he’ll die but here he is alive.”

“Don’t be cruel to me. You left me there but we manage to escape.. But my friend got infected in the process. But I’m not really infected.” He insisted. They surveyed Yuto’s body and it seems like what he said is true, they let them in.

“Let’s rest here for some hour until our rescuers arrived.” Hikaru said and they sit there, trying to reflect with what’s happening.


3 hours after the incident.

The man who rescued Yamada is looking at the porn magazine while touching himself. He’s smelling the magazine as if the girl there will have a scent while he’s watching the television for news.

“Stupid people, it’s already the end of this country, and maybe the whole world.” He grinned and looked at one of his pet, he dragged the girl using the rope tied around her neck.

The girl is crying, “Yamette, Yuya, it hurts, it hurts!” he slapped the girl and pulled her closer to his cock. “Let your mouth be at work, Da~i~ki~” He pushed his cock inside Daiki’s mouth and thrust it in there. Daiki is just crying while trying to pleasure the guy, her husband.

While Daiki is pleasuring him he remembers one of his new pet, the pet that he rescued 2 hours ago.

Takaki is leading the two to his place, he’s smirking because he got the trust of the guy easily. He opened the door and looked for them. “Make yourself comfortable.”

“Tha-thank you...” He bowed and sit on the couch, still hugging his sister.
“Do you want something to eat or drink?” He asked but the guy is just crying. “Don’t be afraid you’re safe here.” he goes to the kitchen and makes some juice. He puts a medicine to Yamada’s drink. He serves it to them and sit beside Yamada. “Drink it, you seem to be thirsty from all the running you did.” He smiled.

Yamada is afraid to look at the guy, he’s so ugly and he’s afraid that the guy is also a zombie. “H-Hai...” he shiverly took the glass and drink from it. After a while it he can experienced slight dizziness and blurry sight. “W-What?”

“Sleep for now my pet~” Takaki said and he fell asleep. Takaki grinned and he carries Yuu from Yamada. “Your Onii-chan needs to work ‘kay? You need to behave~” he looked around for something that the kid can play. He put him on the ground and let her play. He carried Yamada to another room and tied his hands on top of his head. Takaki then connects the tie to the chain that his hanging from the ceiling. He removed the guy’s pants and poked the latter’s cock. He sniffs it, “smells good.”

He didn’t wait for Yamada to wake up removed the boxer of the guy. It’s the first time that he’ll fuck a guy but this one got his attention. Without any hesitation, while Yamada is sleeping, he thrusted inside the guy and fucked him hard and fast until he had enough.

To be continued...

A/N: Forgive my grammatical errors and such, unbeta-ed. Also lj is not accepting the whole oneshot so I cut it into two parts, it's more than 10k words  OnO I'll just post it tomorrow or on Saturday, depends~ XD
Chinen will appeared in the next chapter :3
I hope you liked it~ It's based from a Taiwanese movie that my cousin recommended, but it's a crap but still a nice plot for this XD
The YamaJima will be in Part 2 too~

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