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Title: The Real Stalker of the Top Idol
Author: mysteriousgal11
Rating: PG
Pairing: YamaChii and Chiitaro [mentions of Daiki and Keito]
Summary: Yamada Ryosuke is a top idol who dated every co-star that he worked with. His relationships doen't go well since his partners are always involve in accident. His manager Chinen Yuri is trying to comfort the lonely guy while Morimoto Ryutaro a detective will unveil will try to unveil who is Yamada's stalker.

The Real Stalker of the Top Idol

Yamada Ryosuke is the top idol of his agency. He’s everything the fans asked for. He’s handsome, good at singing and dancing and most of all he have sex appeal. One lapse of him is that he’s a player, he’s the type who dates every co-star he worked with, but it doesn’t always end well because of a certain someone.

Chinen entered the studio where Yamada is having his new commercial shoot. He greeted his boss and waved to Yamada. Yamada just nod and talked back to his new co-star, Haruna. Chinen can’t help but bite his lips in jealousy. This is what he hates about his job, seeing the person he loves flirt someone else. He can’t do anything since Yamada only treat him as his manager. He sighed as he watch the flirty actions Yamada is sending to Haruna.

“Ten minutes break!” The director declared to the actors and staffs. Yamada and Haruna went to them. Their boss praised how adorable they are while Chinen just proceeded in fixing Yamada’s clothes. Yamada leaned closer to Haruna and whisper things near her ears which makes the latter giggles. Chinen stared at them for a while before looking somewhere else, trying to hide his pain.

Yamada escorted Haruna to their chairs but as they both sit, Haruna’s chair suddenly collapses resulting for her to have a slight fracture on her foot. Yamada immediately helps Haruna to stand up and looks really worried about her condition as the staff helps her to the doctor. Yamada just continue to stare at the retrieving back of Haruna when he felt Chinen checking him.

“Are you alright?” Chinen surveyed Yamada’s legs and hands.

Yamada patted Chinen’s hand. “Don’t worry, I’m fine.” He sits back on his chair and thinks that things have started again.


The shooting ended fine after Haruna rest her foot. He exits the building and was welcomed by his fans and photographers who’s trying to just get a glimpse of him, he proceeded fast to his car afraid that something might go wrong again.

“Look Chinen-san, he’s in front page again.” His boss said to Chinen, showing him the new article about Yamada’s great performance in drama. Chinen looks at it and smiled with the success of the idol.

They’re on their way to the car when the boss saw a familiar face in the crowd.

“He’s here again. How many years has it been since he started stalking Yamada? He’s really persistent.”
The stalker guy just stared at them, following the moves of Chinen. Chinen looks back at him as he proceeded to the car. Before he enters, he didn’t fail to see the smirk on the face of the stalker.


Chinen is on his way to the parking lot of Yamada’s apartment. He’s tired from reviewing the things that Yamada needs to do the next day. While he’s walking, he looks at his surrounding as if he feel someone looking at him. When he realized that it’s just his imagination, he entered his car but before he go, he saw Haruna’s car parking. Haruna went out the car and goes inside the apartment building. Just seeing Haruna, Chinen knows that Yamada will have a really long night. He recalls the sweet exchange of Yamada and Haruna earlier during their shoot. He clenched his fist and drives to the nearest bar.

He keeps on drinking heavy drinks but Yamada’s flirtatious touch to Haruna makes his heart hurt. Their stare and smile with each other is like a rock the keeps on hitting his entity. How much he wanted Yamada’s smile and loving stares to only belong to him but he knows he can’t and all he can do is drink until everything fades.


Another painful day starts to Chinen, his head hurts because of his hangover but he knows Yamada needs him now. He entered Yamada’s apartment and saw empty beer cans scattered everywhere and food that are left uneaten. He saw Yamada sleeping on the couch, half naked. He sighs and decided to fix the mess that Yamada and Haruna did. He accidentally went closer to Yamada and he stares at the latter’s face. He caresses Yamada’s head as he stares at the his lips. He leaned closer to Yamada’s lips, but suddenly their Boss goes inside the big apartment, shouting. Chinen moves away fast, afraid to be caught.

“YAMADA RYOSUKE!! Wake up now!” He hits Yamada’s legs, waking up the idol.

“It’s still early, what do you need?” Yamada looks at him and then changes to a more comfortable position.

“Wake up and look at the newspaper, damn it!” Their boss is really angry and Yamada knows he need to follow.

Yamada stares at it.

“You’re with that girl last night, right?” Their boss pointed to the newspaper and then opened the television.

The moment he opened the television, a news flash is playing on the screen.

[Kawaguchi Haruna, involved in a mysterious car accident]

Chinen looks worriedly at Yamada as the latter stared blankly at the television.

“What’s happening with you? This is not the first time that it happened!” Their boss stare at Yamada as if the latter is the one who’s at fault.

Yamada throw the newspaper, frustrated that it happened again.

“We received a new note again.” The boss gave it to Yamada and he reads it.

[I love you. You’re only mine.]

Yamada crumpled it and throw it somewhere. ‘Will it always end up like this?’ He thought to himself.

Chinen continues to listen to the news as he knows he can’t comfort Yamada now.

[Well known actress, Kawaguchi Haruna who’s in a relationship with Top Idol Yamada Ryosuke will be in hiatus because of the car accident she’s involved with. Further announcement about her career will be announced by her agency]


Morimoto Ryutaro, one of the great detective of metropolitan police walks through the corridor of the hospital. He’s been assigned with the mysterious case revolving around a famous idol. He checked what happened with Haruna first before deciding to investigate further.

He went first to the place where Haruna’s car is being kept. He looked around trying to find some clues when he saw a cellphone lying near the driver’s seat. He checked the last phone call in there and saw Yamada’s name. Now, he’s 100% sure that the idol is involve with this case. He called the phone, waiting for the idol to answer it.


Yamada is pacing back and forth in his bedroom, he can’t rest now that another person is in hospital because of him. His thought are suddenly bothered by a loud ringing of his phone. He looks at the caller and saw Haruna’s name flashing on the screen. He went down and looks for Chinen.

“Yuri! Yuri, look!” He showed Chinen his phone and the latter looks at it. They both have a scared face but because Chinen is Yamada’s manager, it’s his job to answer it.

“Hello?” The person from the other line said.

“Yes?” Chinen answered while looking at Yamada.

“This is Morimoto Ryutaro from Metropolitan Police” Ryutaro introduced himself.

“I’m Chinen Yuri, Yamada Ryosuke’s manager” Chinen also introduced himself.

“Is it alright if I talk to Yamada Ryosuke?” Ryutaro asked.

Chinen looked at Yamada but the latter shakes his head. “It’s impossible for now since Yamada-san is resting. He’s been stressed out because of what happened to Haruna-san.”

“Oh, is that so? Then is it fine to talk to you?” Ryutaro doesn’t always follow his gut feeling but he knows something is strange with the person he’s talking with.

Chinen knows he needs to face this detective sooner or later so he decided to just agree. “Okay, you can meet me at Yamada’s apartment. I’ll just mail the address to you.”

“No, don’t worry about it, I already got it. Thank you and I’ll see you later.” Ryutaro ended the call and drives to the said house.

Chinen looks at Yamada. “You better stay in your room and no matter what, don’t come out while the detective is here.”

Yamada just followed what his manager told him and locked himself inside the room, still afraid with everything that is happening.


Ryutaro arrived outside the apartment building and saw someone beautiful waiting for him.

“I’m Chinen Yuri” Chinen introduced himself once again. “I hope you won’t take long since I’m quite busy with some stuffs”

Ryutaro smiled and assured the smaller guy. “Don’t worry, this will not take long.”

Chinen leads him to Yamada’s apartment. “Please sit.” He offered the detective tea and biscuits for formality and then sits across to him.

Ryutaro took out his small notebook and started interviewing Chinen. While interviewing the beautiful guy, he observes every movement of him. Chinen keeps on rubbing his right arm, nervous and scared. The latter gave him the notes that Yamada keeps on receiving. He looks at it and thanked the guy. He assured them that the police will guard them and will figure out everything as soon as possible. Chinen nodded and continues to talk to detective while Yamada is looking from his room window, staring at Chinen.


True to his words, Ryutaro spend all day with his partner Okamoto, trying to figure out who the culprit is.

Ryutaro personally guarded the idol to see if someone is suspicious around him. He went to one of the stage performance of the idol, looking around for someone strange. He saw Chinen and smiled at him, the guy glanced at him and forced a smile. Up to now, Ryutaro is doubting that Chinen knows something. They watched the performance, chatting every now and then.

Yamada Ryosuke is forcing himself to perform infront of his fans. Things are not well with him but he needs to do this because he loves his fans. He saw the detective talking to Chinen and he somehow feel jealousy. He shake the thoughts out of him and performed again.

The stalker of Yamada is in the crowd again, observing the idol. He looks really weird that Ryutaro took notice of him. He stares at the every movement of the guy.
Meanwhile, Yamada took a fangirl on stage, giving a full fanservice to her, hugging her and whispering sweet words to her.

Chinen just smirks to this scene while the stalker grits his teeth in annoyance. He glared at them and swear that he’ll hurt the girl.

The stalker quietly follows the lucky fangirl and her friend. He approached her and bang the girl’s head at the wall.

“Hey, who do you think you are huh?” the stalker smirks and pull the girl’s hair. He slaps her repeatedly, others are afraid to help the girl since the guy looks really scary.

Morimoto Ryutaro is drinking his coffee and walking around the building when he saw a guy hitting a girl. He rushed to them immediately. “Hey! What the fuck are you doing?!”

The stalker looks at him and runs away. He followed the guy after he checked the girl, but lost sight of the stalker.


Chinen watched Yamada’s car driving away, he let the guy to go home alone since he knows that he’s really stressed with things now.

A car stopped in front of him and was opened by the driver. “Hop in.” The young detective smiled at him. Having no other choice, Chinen ride the car.

Ryutaro drove them in a secluded restaurant where they can talk privately. Chinen looks at him and passes something. Ryutaro looked at it, it’s a picture of the guy that he found suspicious and hitting a girl. “I saw him earlier in the studio.”

“Its been 3 years already...” Chinen said. Ryutaro focused his attention to the guy infront of him, observing him. “since he started stalking Yamada.” Chinen followed, he grabbed his glass of beer using his left hand and drinks from it, his gaze focus somewhere else. “I think I shouldn’t let him do what he likes anymore.”


Yamada is in his new girlfriend’s car, kissing him like there’s no tomorrow. He pulled away and said his goodbye to her. He goes inside his apartment building and the girl drives away. Unknown to her, someone is staring at them since the beginning. That someone followed her up to her apartment, parking the car near her.

As she walks to the elevator, she feels like someone is following her, she runs fast to the elevator, slightly relieve but before the door close someone stopped it, enter beside her and the elevator door closed.

When it opened again, the girl is already slumped on the floor, scratch and bruises all around her body. The one who hit her walk away smirking.


Yamada was woken up by the ring of his cellphone. He answered it and he received another bad news. His new girlfriend was assaulted by a stranger.

“It happened again...” He said to himself weakly. He walks to his kitchen and get all his beer. He keeps on drinking, blankly staring at the air. He’s tired with this, why can’t he be happy.

Later that day there’s a wrap up party because his drama already finished shooting. Chinen is beside him trying to control him from drinking so much. He ignored his manager and walks to the dance floor, dancing randomly trying to forget all his pain.

Chinen looks at him and grabbing the opportunity since Yamada is drunk, he goes beside him, dancing sexily. He wrapped his arms around Yamada, hugging him and feeling the guy’s warmth.

Ryutaro went to the party since he’s guarding Yamada. He saw how much Chinen cling possessively to Yamada. He feels jealousy in his heart since deep inside he knows that he’s already attracted to the beautiful guy. He saw how much Yamada responded to Chinen’s touches, kissing the guy while Chinen just let the idol do anything he wants. They pulled away with each other and dances sexily.

Another drunk guy somehow keeps on hitting Chinen’s back and Yamada’s instinct took over him. He hit the guy on the face. The guy’s friend helps him and hits Yamada too. Chinen is trying to protect Yamada but he know he’s weak when it comes to things like this. They keep on hitting Yamada when Ryutaro suddenly attacked them too. “Stop it.”

“Who do you think you are?!” The guy almost hit Ryutaro but he’s faster than him and hits the guy. They look at him in fear and runs away. He helped Yamada’s up, others keep on taking pictures of Yamada. This will be a big scandal since Yamada is a top idol.

Chinen protected Yamada, removing every phones he sees. He won’t let them hurt Yamada anymore, he’s already wounded too much.

Ryutaro took the job of sending Yamada home and after that he send Chinen too.

“Thank you for helping us today.” Chinen smiled at him.

“It’s not a big deal.” Ryutaro said coolly. “Go in now, it’s already cold.” Chinen nodded and turns away.

“Wait..” Ryutaro stopped him. Chinen looks at him, “ Good Night” he said. Chinen smiled and said the same thing. Ryutaro looks at the latter’s back, Chinen is really someone who looks precious and he wants to take care of him. He shakes his head, “What are you thinking Ryutaro?!” He kicks his car’s wheel and then he drives away.


“What’s wrong with you? You’ve caused too much troubles already!!” Yamada’s boss shouted at him. Chinen cringed in shocked while Yamada just stare at him. Their boss throw two plane tickets at the table in front of them and sighed. “Have a break for awhile.”

Yamada looks at him and agreed. Chinen looks at the plane ticket and sighed.


Ryutaro is reviewing about Yamada’s case again, irritated because he can’t figure out something that’s bothering him. Keito, his partner pushed the stalker that he asked him to bring in front of him.

“This is him, the stalker of the idol” Keito said and forced the guy to sit in front of Ryutaro.

Ryutaro looked at him, recalling all the incident involving Yamada. The stalker smirked at him.

The television that’s opened in their office suddenly announced.

[Yamada Ryosuke, the top idol who is involved in a brawl at a club few days ago will be in hiatus. No further announcement whether he’ll come back or not anymore]

The stalker suddenly looked at the television. “This is not happening.”

“It already did because of you, Arioka Daiki.” Ryutaro said and he left Keito to questioned Daiki since he needs to inform Yamada and Chinen that they already caught the culprit.


Chinen is pulling his suitcase using his left hand inside the airport, Yamada is beside him carrying his luggage too. They’ll go to America for a while as instructed by their boss.

Ryutaro arrived at the airport and looks through the crowd the departing image of Yamada and Chinen. He saw them and smiled. Chinen told Yamada that he’ll be the one to talk to the detective. Yamada passed by Ryutaro and went at the corner, giving the two of them privacy.

“We already caught the culprit.” Ryutaro said.

Chinen smiled and muttered a small “Thanks” to him. He slowly walks his way to Yamada when Ryutaro holds his arm.

“Do you really have to go?”

Chinen looks at him and smiled again, he goes to Yamada and together they walk to their plane.

Ryutaro just watched their back sadly, he regretted not telling his one-sided feelings to Chinen.


When Ryutaro is on his way out of the airport, he received a call from Keito. “Hello, what is it?”

“Finally I contacted you, where are you right now?” Keito asked, holding a report he got.

“At the airport, I send Yamada and Chinen away.” Ryutaro replied.

“We caught the wrong person.” Keito said and then read the report. “Arioka Daiki is not the culprit. I got a report from the National Institute of Scientific Investigation that the culprit should be left-handed. Arioka Daiki is right handed and he admitted that he just attacked fans and not the people who’s in a relationship with Yamada. I still put him in jail because of that.”

“Are you sure it’s a left-handed person?” Ryutaro confirmed.

“Yes, anyway come back here as soon as possible.” Keito ended the call.

Ryutaro looks around trying to recall everything. A left-handed person, he noticed someone who’s left handed before. It’s Chinen. The way he used his left hand to rubbed his right arm. The way he hold his glasses and they way he pulled his luggage. It’s indeed Chinen.

He rushed his way to Chinen’s apartment, he opened the door with force. He looks around and saw how messy the apartment is, what shocked him the most are the pictures that are posted on the white wall. It’s full of pictures of Yamada’s exes and as well as Yamada. There are red cross marks from the face of the exes which have been eliminated by him and a red heart mark on the pictures of Yamada.

Ryutaro realized what Chinen said said to him before. “I think I shouldn’t let him do what he likes anymore.” Chinen is not referring to the stalker but to Yamada. He remembered how possessive Chinen clings to Yamada in the party. Now everything is making sense to him, his doubts with Chinen.

He hits the wall in annoyance and defeat.


As the plane took off the airport, Chinen looks at Yamada who’s sleeping beside him. He holds Yamada’s face and let the latter lean on his shoulder. He leans his face on Yamada’s head while caressing the face of the latter.

“You’re only mine.” He said and smirked.

Yamada opened his eyes sadly, a tear escaping his eyes and then closed them again, trying to accept his fate.


A/N: Wow, I made a fic again XD I thought I will not. Its been 6 months since I posted a fic and its YamaChii! XD I have no beta so forgive my grammatical error and such.
This fic is inspired by Tik Tok of 2pm~ (I'm not into KPop, Yoon Eun Hye is in the video that's why I watched it LOL)
I'm busy with [ profile] janiizu_station and school stuffs that's why I don't make fics anymore. :3 It's impossible for me to update my chaptered fics since it's been half a year since my laptop and hd got reformat with stories in it :) But I'll try to make one shots once in a while~

Thank you minna~ <3

Date: 2015-02-08 07:59 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Wait wait!! I'm gonna read this one.. Even its yamachii~ at least there's chitaro <3

Date: 2015-02-08 11:33 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
LOL I'm quite bothered with the ending lines~ xD
I mean why does it seem that Yamada is SO MUCH unwilling to be with Chinen?
He even cried hahahaha

There are a few hints here and there indicating that Yamada LIKES Chinen, he doesn't just realize it yet~
I have a theory that maybe the reason why he kept on being a playboy is because he can't accept the fact that he likes Chinen. Maybe he keeps pretending that he likes girls to distract whatever he's feeling towards the cute little squirrel~
Maybe he also did those playboy things to make Chinen jealous? LOL or maybe to push Chinen away~
I kinda want to read this story again in Yamada's point of view but oh well~ I love the sense of open-ended(ness) hahaha
Maybe during the time they'll be in America, Yamada will finally accept his feelings~ :-) (lol I'm so biased with YamaChii)

Ps. I kinda like Chinen's bad guy character LOL but being a stalker sure is creepy HAHAHA

Thanks for writing this :-)


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