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Title: Pregnant Keitomato
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: OkaYama, mentions of Okajima
Summary: Someone made Keito pregnant and its no other than his own best friend.
A/N: Got the idea from Itadaki High JUMP because of Keito’s big stomach and also my chat with [ profile] yellowdreamer

~Pregnant Keitomato~

Keito sighs for the nth time, he’s having a hard time in being hyper again. His clothes are too fitted and his stomach is too obvious. He caressed his stomach while Chinen and Yuto looked worriedly at him.

“Are you sure you can do this?” Yuto sat beside him.

Keito smiled, “I can, this is for work and I want Kai-kun to like tomatoes too.”

Chinen pats his shoulder, “Don’t tire yourself out. Just signal us and we’ll take care of the rest.”

“Thank you, but I can really do this” he went out of the car to start taping for Itadaki High JUMP.



He’s drinking his coffee while looking at the guy who’s happily eating his cake full of strawberries. “Yama-chan, we’ve been in five cafes now. Are you not satisfied with all the strawberry cakes you ate?”

Yamada frown, “Keito! These are strawberries! My precious strawberries, I will never get tired of eating them! EVER!”

“Yama-chan, please stop eating now. You don’t want to get fat, don’t you?” Keito took Yamada’s plate.

“Okay, but you need to do something for me.” Yamada grinned.

“Anything! So that we can stop cafe hopping again.”

“If you say so~” Yamada took Keito’s hand and they went out of the cafe.


“Yama-chan...what are we doing here?” Keito looks nervously at Yamada.

Yamada grinned and enters the room that he booked. “You said you’ll do anything, right?”

“Yes, I did! But not this!” Keito pleaded but Yamada dragged him and pushed him on the bed. He tied Keito’s hand on the bed post.

“You know Keito, you recently became so beautiful and girly. It made me wonder if you do this to impress me.” he sniffed Keito’s neck. “I always want to do you hard and makes you scream.”

“Yama-chan, we’re best friends! Don’t do this to me!” Keito turned his face away from Yamada.

Yamada licked Keito’s neck and smirks. “I’m tired being your best friend.”

Keito looked at him in shock, “Eh?”

“Gotcha!” Yamada suddenly kissed Keito’s lips. Keito tried to move away his face but Yamada firmly hold his chin and the latter entered his tongue inside Keito’s mouth. He savored every inch of Keito’s mouth.

He pulled away after a minute and let Keito pant, he look at Keito seriously and lovingly. “I don’t want to be your best friend anymore because I want to be your lover.”

“Then, why are you raping me? I can accept you if you confessed properly, you know.” Keito pouts.

“Ah, so cute.” Yamada pecked Keito’s lips and sits on his stomach. “Because I want to be the seme and own you. You might want to be the seme since I’m smaller than you.”

“I should be the seme, do you know how to become one?” Keito looks strangely at him.

Yamada glared at Keito, “Of course I know, I watch porn on a daily basis.”

Keito chuckled, “You must be really needy then.”

“Just because you recently broke up with Yuto and have full experience doesn’t mean that you can tease me.” Yamada pinched Keito’s left cheek.

“O-ouch!! Okay, I’m sorry. Prove to me that you’re worthy to be called my boyfriend.” Keito dared.

“I will~ and I promise, you’ll never regret anything.” Yamada smirked and starts kissing Keito’s lips again. This time Keito respond and let Yamada do what he wants to him.

Since Keito is wearing a t-shirt, Yamada reached in a nearby side table and gets a scissors. He starts cutting Keito’s shirt while sucking the skin that is exposed by the scissors. When he saw Keito’s pale buds, he sucked them happily until it’s raw red. He moved down to the obvious bulge inside Keito’s pants.

“Look who’s excited~” Yamada poked it.

“Stop teasing me and just get on with it!” Keito looked at him.

“As you wish, my princess” Yamada eagerly removed all the remaining clothes of Keito. “Ah, so cute!” He pecked it. “You know, every time we took a bath together or just change clothes together, I can’t help but stare to your cock.”

“I know, I also know that you secretly touch yourself every time you see me.” Keito grinned.

“And now, this is mine and I can do anything to you.” Yamada put Keito’s cock inside his mouth and sucked it like crazy.

“R-ryosuke, suck more..ahhhh!”

Yamada looked at Keito’s horny face and it turned him on more. He bites the tip and focuses on it while he plays with Keito’s balls.

Keito shouts Yamada’s name and releases a lot inside the latter’s mouth.

Yamada made sure to drink everything and went on top of Keito again. “So delicious~”

Keito panted and looks at Yamada’s body. “You still have your clothes on. Let me go and I’ll remove it for you~”

“No, you can’t trick me.” Yamada poked Keito’s nose. “If I let you go I’m sure you’ll tie me and do me instead. That’s nice too but I’m determined to be the seme in this relationship.”

“But you’re small, can you reach even reach it.” Keito said.

“I might be small honey, but don’t forget how big and long is my cock” Yamada smirked and he starts stripping his clothes in front of Keito.

Keito gulped with this scene and it made him erect again. He licked his lips, “Let me suck you, please...”

“If you plead enough, I might consider it.” Yamada grinned.

Keito looks at him like a lost cat, “Please Ryosuke, let me suck your big cock. I want to suck it and feel it deep within my throat. Let me suck please and you can do anything to me..Just please...”

“Ohh~ poor kitty wants his cock. Okay then kitty, say ahhhh~” Yamada moved his cock closer to Keito.

“Ahhhhh~~” Keito opened his mouth really wide and let Yamada put his cock inside his mouth. ‘He’s really big and long’ he thought while sucking Yamada really fast. He made sure to lick everything and make him wet so that it will enter his hole smoothly.

When Yamada feels like he’s close to cumming already, he stopped Keito. “Stop it honey, I don’t want to release inside your mouth. I want to release inside you. Now, spread your legs widely and show me your slutty hole.”

Keito followed Yamada and spread his legs wide.

“You’ve experienced so much in this hole. From Shoon-kun to Hikaru-kun and then Yuto-kun, now I will let you experience the best thing and this will be my property forever.” Yamada licked it and starts preparing it, because even though he know Keito is used to having someone inside him, he still don’t want to hurt the love of his life. When he’s sure that Keito’s hole is wet and wide enough he holds Keito’s legs and insert the tip of his cock inside Keito’s hole.

“Ready?” Yamada is looked at Keito’s face.

“I’m always ready for you.” Keito smiled.

Yamada slowly starts entering Keito’s hole and even with all the preparation he did, he can still feel how tight and Keito is.

“Ahhh~ Ryosuke~~ keep on going ahhh~~” Keito can feel the pain, but he knows how pleasurable it will be once everything is settled. He closed his eyes and keeps on moaning Yamada’s name.

Yamada’s big and long cock is fully inside him and he signaled to Yamada that he can thrust as hard as he wants.

Yamada leaned and kisses Keito’s lips while he thrust really hard inside Keito, he silenced Keito’s screams of pleasure and wrapped the latter’s legs on his shoulder. He moves and thrust as he observed Keito’s face while kissing him wildly.

He pulled away from the kiss, “Let me hear you scream my name, honey” he said as he hits Keito’s spot over and over again.

Keito keeps on thrashing around as the pleasure is something that he can’t handle. “R-ryosukeee! Oh goddd!! Fuck!! Ryosuke, do it faster! More!! Do me more! Fuck me like there’s no tomorrow!! AHHHH!!”

“Such a demanding princess” Ryosuke pants and then spreads Keito’s legs, making sure to thrust again and again to that special spot. He can feel that he’s close in releasing. “H-honey, I’m near.”

Keito nodded, “m-me too.. AHHHH~~”

Yamada thrust harder and then he can feel Keito’s walls tighten and latter’s release on his stomach. He thrust a bit more and releases a lot inside Keito. He then fell down on top of Keito while panting hard.
“T-that’s a lot, Ryosuke.” Keito giggled and kissed Yamada’s forehead.

“I’ve been restraining a lot since I know you’re with Yuto. But when you finally broke up with him, I can’t help myself since you became much prettier even though you’re manly.” Yamada let go of Keito’s hands and cuddles to him.

“Well now, you have me. You don’t need to restrain yourself anymore since I’m always available for you.” Keito grinned.

“I know and now, I still want more and I want you to ride me.” Yamada smirked.

And it’s really been a long night for these newly couple...


“Otsukare minna-san!” Keito, Chinen and Yuto bowed to the staffs.

Yuto supports Keito because the latter is more tired than them from their taping. “I told you not to force yourself too much.”

“I can still do it, I’m not sick!” Keito pouted but he leaned on Yuto. Yuto helped him remove his big tomato head and make up.

“They’re big now~ I wonder who they will look after.” Chinen grinned.

“Of course me!!” Yamada entered their changing room, “And you big pole, don’t be too close to my boyfriend!!”

Yuto rolled his eyes and moves away, “I’m just concern because he tends to overwork himself.”

Keito pouted, “Yuto-kun, don’t move awayyyyyy!~”

“Hey hey! Don’t cheat in front of me. Do you prefer this pole rather than me?” Yamada pointed at Yuto.

“Yuto-kun always take care of me, while you idiot only wants my body.” Keito started sobbing.

“Ah, ‘maternity’ blues...” Chinen said.

“Let’s leave them alone for now and just change at the other room.” Yuto said to Chinen and they left the couple.

Yamada look thankfully at the two and then kneel down in front of his boyfriend. “Hey, listen to me. You know that I love you, right? I’m just busy with work because I want to save a lot for our family.”

“But you don’t even call me!!” Keito stressed out.

“I’m abroad, I need to process things.” Yamada hold Keito’s hands.

“Are these things more important to me?” Keito looked at Yamada’s face.

“Well..” Yamada sighed “since it went on like this...” he get a small box from his jacket and looks at Keito. “Okamoto Keito, will you marry me and be Yamada Keito?”

Keito blinked and cried more, “Not romantic enough!!!” he sniffed and looks at Yamada, “but of course I’ll marry you.”

“I know you will.” Yamada grinned and put the ring on Keito’s finger. Keito hugged him and they stayed like that for a minute before he asked, “What are you doing abroad then?”

“I processed our wedding” Yamada said as he pecked Keito’s nose. “also, I looked for the best hospital who can handle a guy giving birth. I only want the best for you and our twins.”

“You know what’s another best thing you can do for me?” Keito said excitedly.

“Hmm? What is it?” Yamada looked at him.

“Eat tomatoes.” Keito shows his tomato head to Yamada.

“Never.” Yamada frowned.

“But you know, if you can eat tomatoes. Then you can eat me too since I’m also a tomato.” Keito grinned.

Yamada gulped since the offer is too good. “Okay then, after you give birth. I’ll try eating tomatoes and then eat you.”

“My pleasure.” Keito hugged him again.


A/N 2: Its been a while since I made something. Actually I don’t even have time to do things like this anymore since being a medicine student sucks big time :)) But anyway, I just can’t help it when I watched Itadaki High JUMP and saw Keito’s stomach :))
I don’t know why I made a smut :))
I hope you love it!
I typed this in one go without proofreading it, so forgive any mistakes you’ll notice.
And like before, comments are loved <3

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