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This is a requested post to me ever since last year. I'm quite busy, so I didn't pursue making one last year. But since, people messaged me in instagram and facebook to document things that I did and I think this will also help them since lots are planning to go next year for JUMP's 10th anniversary concert.

VISA (Tourist) (PH Residents)

I travelled to Japan with a friend of mine who's also with me last year. Unlike her who already have a multiple visa and have work, I'm a student who needs to provide documents to earn a tourist visa. I got an approval only 2 days after I submitted the documents needed. (Flight details, Airbnb apartment, Tour Itinerary, Bank Certificate, School ID and Letter why I didn't posses an Income Tax Return) I don't need to submit a Birth Certificate since I already submiited it last year when I went to Japan. For more detailed information about this you can go to my post last year. I think I got approved easily since my documents are complete and I already travelled to Japan. If you're a first time traveller and also a student. I suggest that you read my past post.

AIRBNB Apartment

If you're on a budget, I suggest that you booked via Airbnb. It's cheaper and more complete than hotels. We stayed in a hotel last year and it cost around Php. 12,000+ per person for 8 days. Our apartment this year, cost only 10,000 for 9 days and everything is there. (Ref, Oven, Kitchen Utensils, Washing Machine, Steamer, Hair Iron, Hair Blower, School Supplies, Vacums, etc..) We stayed at Kawasaki which is in the middle of Tokyo and Yokohama. You can view the apartment where we stayed here. If you're around the area, I suggest that place since the location is nice and very peaceful. The thing that I liked about it the most is the view at the rooftop. (Also, you can still find some cheaper apartments depending on your budget and how many are you. It's actually cheaper if you will travel by group)

P.S. Airbnb only accept payments via credit card or paypal.


This would be possible thanks to [ profile] annabloem. Thank you so much Anna TAT Last year a Japanese friend of mine bought our tickets, but since she's an exchange student to America this year.. it's impossible for her to buy it for us. I requested Anna to ballot for us. I also requested another friend to ballot since Anna can only ballot for two and another friend (who cancelled her trip last minute) wants to watch the concert also. Our ballots to Anna was a hit! (Banzaaaiii \(OuO)/ ) But we can't come to date she balloted because of a misunderstanding in my part (gomen TAT) while the other ballot didn't hit. To cut the story shorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrt. Since we can't watch the concert, we just opted to buy tickets online! We bought our tickets at You can also buy other concert tickets there. But unlike before where foreigners can also buy there, you need to ask someone you know who's from Japan to buy for you because now...they only required Japanese residents or Foreigners who are living in Japan. Originally, if you only need to pay around 7,700 yen (est. Php 3,600/ 75 usd) per ballot but since we need to buy online...we paid 39,000 yen (est Php 18,400/379USD)! I just realized how JUMP is getting more popular by the price of their tickets OTL Tickets that are being sold online are getting pricey every year.

P.S. Only fanclub members can ballot for concert tickets. Thea and I are not yet a member by that time that's why I asked for a favor to Anna. >_<


As you can see from our concert ticket, we watched the afternoon concert of October 10. It's the same time where JUMP got interviewed for news shows and also when they announced their Tokyo Dome Concert.

I'm not good at fanreports + I bet you already saw some in twitter.
My favorite part is My Girl (even though I'm not a fan of AriYama) and ChikuTaku.
Yamada is having a really hard time during the whole concert because of his back injury. He's stiff since the beginning and its really painful to watch him. :/
OkaJima flirted at the left stage where we are located. I shook Thea a lot because Damn! Okajima in the Arena baby!!
In our part of the arena, almost all Keito fans flocked there and I'm happy to see lottsa Keito fans now. He have many male fans too! And he's pretty! SOOOOOOOOOOOO pretty ;3;
I'm really not excited to watch the concert since I've been stressed a lot before flying to Japan. My tension went up once I saw them again. The performance of Party Monster! Our binoculars are focused to their abs lol.
Oh! And Inoo, he waved like a beauty queen -u- He's walking slowly like a model and waved to the fans.
During ChikuTaku, Yabu is also in the left stage and gash! His aura is amazing! He's also handsome, I didn't expect that :))
During the encore where some member of JUMP passed at the upper corner, we can clearly see Yamada, Keito...and others (OMG I forgot, sorry) and Yamada is wearing his glasses and jacket. He's like an angel because he's too mabushiii.
The concert is a bit longer than others because this is the concert where they got interviewed. I think we went out around 3pm already. Its totally worth it!

By the way, I saw some staffs checking the concert ticket of other fans. I hope they won't implement the face detection yet next year so that those international fans who wants to watch the concert can watch :/
This is also the reason why we applied for JFC. :/

P.S. I was bashed a lot while I'm in Japan because I posted a picture with a Yamada Kaomane. My picture was grabbed and posted in other groups and they blocked my face while saying Beware because it's not Yamada.
Just a piece of my sentiments here.
1) Fucking Hell, I won't post it if its Yamada Ryosuke.
2) I didn't claimed anything that it is Yamada Ryosuke. I just posted a pic with a 'V' sign.
3) Don't bashed my appearance just because I'm in Japan, watched a concert and took a photo with a kaomane. I'm not the only person who can do that.
4) You reposted my picture without asking permission. I'm a nobody and the kaomane as well. I can smell some invasion of privacy here since I only shared it to my friends in facebook and it was spread in groups.
5) I'm not that mad tho, I just laughed with the stupidity of others. I'm thankful for those people who stood up for me and said nice things to me in messages. :)

Anyway, here are some photos of us :)

P.S.S. I included our pictures with the kaomane + the fanservice the kaomane did for a fan -u-


So, the first problem we encountered the moment we landed is that I was stopped in teh airport because the airport security dog (a cute beagle!) just stayed in front of my bag and he doesn't want to go away. It was already lunch time by that time and the dog sniffed the foods I brought to my friends! It was funny actually. The dog must be starving already~ >u<
The second problem, the wifi! We booked via Klook. Actually, Klook is a good service for wifi and its super cheap! Here's the link in case you're interested. I only paid Php. 2390 for 10 days in Tokyo. Just thaaaaaaaaat, we didn't know that there's a deposit fee of 20,000 yen (est. Php.9,400/194 usd). We only brought money that's enough for our whole trip and our parents didn't allow us to bring our cards! Our only option is to pay. Things went well because of Marishi, a good friend mine and also thanks to her family!
Third problem.. I forgot my other wallet! I usually bring two wallet when I travel in far places just in case I forgot the other one.. Unfortunately, I forgot the wallet where most of money. :/ Good thing another friend of mine, Chin is able to help me. I'm so thankful to my friends who are always there TAT *hugs*

So, even tho we encountered some problems, we're able to solve it thanks to them ^^


I will not tell where we went in day to day basis, just some important things~

As I said, we encountered problems with money matters and Marishi and her family is able to lend us money T~T *hugs them* We're really grateful to them since they also treat us a lot and went to some places with them!

We went to Ueno Zoo and also the place where they shot the opening for JUMPing Carnival! (+ lottsa dramas) :))

Also to Fuji TV! Because the big poster of Cain and Abel is there! So cold in Odaiba -A-

We also took some purikura in addicted to it actually.

We also went to a maid cafe in Akihabara! First time in maid cafe!

It won't be complete if I didn't have some AKB wota moments!

When Thea left me (she went home because of work), I just roam around the whole Tokyo to do treasure hunting for some cheap stuffs! :))

I ate in Yakiniku IWA with Marishi *u* Yakiniku Iwa was owned by an Ex AKB member that I also adore! Sad thing is that she's not there because she only go there randomly. TAT But their food is awesome! First time for me to eat Karubi and Hormones :9 I'll surely go there again next time!

I went to Johnny's Paradisssssssssse! :)) I finally found Otokogumi cds! TAT The cashier asked me how come I know them :)) I told them Kenichi-san is too hot! LOL

On my last day, I went with Marishi to Sophia University and Sophia Dori. I'm curious with Keito's school and also the church beside his school. We also ate at a small curry shop beside the school. :))

P.S. I also went to Tokyo Dome, just to roam around :)) Saw Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger (Power Rangers) shooting~
We went to other places too, but I won't go into details since I'm also busy. Just doing this for the sake of those who requested.

If you have any question, just leave a comment and I'll answer it once I'm free. Thank you :)

[Also, I'm typing this while battling anxiety and depression. Mine got worst now since my ranking in school went down. I feel to much pressure in studies, fandom and personal life. I won't go into details since it's sad even saying it. I just hope that people will stop judging those who are battling mental illness. Others think that mental health is not important and can't kill someone. Sad to say, it can. Sometimes suicide is the only option of those people who gave up in their battle. Please understand that this illness is also the same with some physical sickness that you know.]

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Hi! I'm posting this kind of stuff here because lots of people (in fandom) have been asking me how I applied for visa. Since I'm living in a country where it is needed to have a visa to enter Japan, it's a must to get one.

Details~ )
I'll be posting next some stories about my trip and summary how I got my concert tickets for JUMP concert! ;)


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