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Title: Sugiru Setsuna
Author: [ profile] mysteriousgal11
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: YabuHika
Genre: Angst/Romance
Summary: From the translation of Hey!Say!BEST’s song Sugiru Setsuna.

Sugiru Setsuna

Yabu’s POV

‘Baby I wanted be your number one

Since from the start I know that he only dated me because it’s like an obligation for him to fulfill. Everyone around us thinks that we should be together and I know inside him he’s just forcing his self. I can see it through his eyes that even though we’re together I can never be the person that will be the one that will make it sparkles. I can never be the person who will make his heart beat rapidly, I’m just a no one while the person he’s looking at will always remain number one.

‘But in every way, I’m completely out’
‘Gazing into the future you’re no no longer there’

“Yabu, can we talk?” He called me coldly and it stabbed my heart. We’ve been together for almost 10 years and he still call me like that. I nodded to him and walked with him to the parking lot.

“I’ll be straight to the point” He’s staring at me like I’m just a piece of trash. “I want a break up.”

I looked down to the floor trying to be strong. I’ve been expecting this from the start, but why? Why do it still hurts me so much?

“We’re not working out and you know that” He took out his cigar and lights it. “Honestly I feel like I’d wasted everything in this relationship.”

‘Please don’t say that. I gave everything for you, I did everything that you want me to do.’ I just nodded to him as tears starts falling from my eyes.

He lifted up my head and smiles, a smile that makes him satisfied “Thank you” and then he lets go and walked away.

I’m looking at his back and slumped down to the floor, crying. I always want your happiness and I’m not capable of giving you that.

Don’t go Hikaru..please don’t leave me…

‘In my unfinished dream, I can’t connect to your phone. I feel uneasy Baby thinking of you. As if I’m walking on the moon’

After that day, during our practice you entered the room with him, holding his hands. You’ve announced it to the members. That you and my best friend are already together, it brings shocked to the members especially to me. We just broke up the other day and now you’re dating my best friend. Why do you keep on stabbing my heart like that?

Trying to ease the tension around us, I congratulated the two of you. “I’m happy for the two you Yaotome-kun..Inoo-chan” After that I went out of the room and headed to somewhere quiet. I took out my phone from my pocket and looks at my wallpaper. Our picture when we’re still young, when you smile sincerely to me. I put my phone to my chest as it it’s your hand and cries like there’s no tomorrow.

‘Oh Oh Oh…I’ll be lonely once again. Oh Oh Oh…The hole in my heart will never be filled’

I only want you in my life Hikaru, only you can fill the hole that you made in my heart. Living without you is a torture. Knowing that you’re not mine anymore makes me wants to die.

‘My shapeless love for it to be broken is unbelievable. There’s something wrong, somehow I want to fix it. But I’m losing you’

I tried reaching out for you again, pulled you to my embrace but you threw me away, you pushed me as if you hate my existence.

“Hikaru…” I hugged your legs, restraining you from walking away…again.

“Let me go Yabu!” You’re trying to move away.

“Please Hikaru, don’t go… don’t leave me alone” I tighten my hug and cries again.

You sighed and hold my hand, you kneeled down to my level and looks at my face like that day.

“Yabu, everything that happened in the past I want you to forget it. It’s nothing to me and I want you to think it’s nothing too”

“DON’T SAY THAT!! Hikaru please don’t… It will always be my everything, every kiss, every making love and the memories you gave to me..Don’t take it away from me Hikaru.” I begged, I don’ even know why.

“You’re completely hopeless, don’t you even think that I’m just satisfying my own needs as a man? You’re just a toy for me Yabu.” With that you leave me alone.

“Oh, oh, oh…To know that everything was just a dream. Oh, oh, oh… I have no place to run anymore”

All this time everything was just a play for him, I’m his toy and he can do anything to me as he pleased, but now he threw me away and I don’t know what to do with this life anymore.

‘Miss you, Oh, I’m a fool for you, boy. I’m falling apart with all these feelings. I’m at lost..I want to see you’
I’m observing you and him from a far, even though it hurts me… I just want  to see you, your smile as radiant as the sun, even though it doesn’t belong to me. Even for the last time I want to treasure it. To treasure everything that I believe.
Goodbye Hikaru… goodbye my love…

‘Miss you, Ohi’m a fool for you girl. It’s too painful, No more lonely night, No more lonely heart. I want to see you. Come back to me’

I went to the building where I can see the sun, it’s like your smile isn’t? It’s warm and beautiful. The memories in my heart, I believed them. I will always believe everything from the past 10 years being with you. It doesn’t matter if I’m only one who’s believing it as long as I know you’ve been mine.

I can finally stop hurting and just love you…

Even though you can’t see it, I will always love you…

Maybe in different life you’ll love me the same way as I love you… I will always be waiting no matter in what life time. Because I want to see your smile that belongs to me… come back to me…

It’s too painful loving you… but loving you is the greatest gift I ever had…

I closed my eyes, picturing your smile in my head and jumped from the top of the building.

I love you Hikaru… Let’s meet again…

Sugiru Setsuna…


I grasped your hand tightly, not letting you go. What the heck are you doing? Why did you do something like that? I pulled you over and hugged you. You opened up your beautiful eyes and looked at me with confusion, the person who you won’t never expect that will be here.

“” You asked in your trembling voice. “Why?”

“You’re a fool Yabu! Don’t do that!” I’m so worried about him, when I saw him outside the café looking at us. I can’t erase the sad look from his face. I wanted to erase that look, I want to see his smile. I can feel the pain in my heart, I don’t understand why, I don’t love him. I put my hand to where my heart is. ‘Just go…it’s him that you love. You will regret it your whole life if you let things as it is.’ Inoo said to me and it hits be hard, what he said is true. It’s been Yabu all the time and I’m just foolish for hurting him. I hurriedly tried to locate him through his phone and I saw him on top if the building. I don’t want to lose him.

“It’s been you Kota, it’s been you all the time.” I looked to your face and wiped the tears from your eyes. I smiled with full of affection to you. A smile that is full of love and it only belongs to you now. “I’m sorry Kota…I’m sorry for everything..I love you.”

You gave my lips a gentle kiss. “You came back…it’s all that matters”

And I will promise you Kota, No more lonely night, No more lonely heart. I will always make you happy from now on.


A/N: Yo! Hisashiburi hehehehe~
Do you still remember me? XD I’ve been busy…so busy with everything @_@  But I’m tempted to make a fic for this song. It’s so sad OnO Even though I want to end it as angst, I can’t….
I will post some of my new one shot fics maybe tomorrow? Or depends with my laziness.
Anyway, forgive my grammatical error and such <3 Comments are loved ~ <3



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